Obama: “Congress Should Fund Research on the Effect Violent Videogames Have on Young Minds”

In the wake of the violence that shook the town of Newtown, Connecticut only 33 days ago, President Barack Obama took the podium today to unveil White House proposals on gun control. Today, the President will be outlining “23 executive actions” that he and Vice President Joe Biden believe will help to create real gun control reform.

Universal background checks and funding into mental health programs were among the actions receiving the highest praise, but during the speech President Obama also aimed his sights at “violent” videogames stating “I will direct the center for disease control to go ahead and study the best way to reduce it.. and congress should fund research on the effects that violent video games have on young minds.”

Again, just like Representative Franklin from Missouri who is planning on taxing violent games, no other forms of media outside of gaming were brought up during the White House press conference.


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  • Critic

    Terrible writing.

    1. In this case it’s “effect” not affect.

    2. Why did you capitalize the first “on” but not the second one?

    3. “were brought up” not “was brought up.”

    No one should be able to have their own website unless they have a college degree.

    • Fixed. It was written on a cell phone. Relax.

    • Al

      Critic you make me laugh. You cray cray.

    • “No one should be able to have their own website unless they have a college degree.”

      Yep. There’s a new SOPA in the works to enforce just that.  /S

  • Wow Critic you are an ass

    • Al

      Promote this man. Lol

  • Personally, I feel Mr. President should research on the effects a violent blow had on his head. 

    Luckily I’m not American, so the taxes wasted on this won’t be the ones I pay.