Skyrim DLC Coming to the PS3 Version in February

on January 18, 2013 3:38 PM

Much has been said about the constant issue Bethesda seems to have with delivering DLC for The Elder Scrolls titles on the PlayStation 3. The issue existed back in the day with Oblivion, and it has come to the fore with Skyrim, as well. While PC and Xbox 360 gamers are getting cool new content, PS3 gamers have been left in the dust.

All that is about to change. Along with the latest piece of DLC – Dragonborn – finally releasing for the PC on February 5th, after Xbox 360 gamers got it in December – the PS3 will be getting all three pieces of released DLC for the game. Starting in February with Dragonborn and working backwards (with Hearthfire coming second and Dawnguard picking up the rear), those of you playing on Sony’s system will be able to enjoy all the goodies and extras that content has to offer.

As a bonus (or an apology, depending on how you view it), Bethesda will be offering each piece of DLC for 50% off during its respective launch week on the PSN. Save your pennies if you’re playing Skyrim on the PSN, because soon you’ll have a lot more content to explore.

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