Nintendo Direct: Sony and Microsoft Are You Watching?

Nintendo dropped some megaton announcements today, as can be seen in their latest Nintendo Direct (that can be viewed here). But this brought up one question in my mind: “Where the heck is Microsoft and Sony and what are they even working on?”

To be fair, both companies are in the middle of working on new home consoles in preparation to show them off before E3. The problem is that people want to know what is being worked on, and gamers want games to play without having to wait for all of the announcements of major titles to be revealed at trade shows like GDC or E3. Sony is especially in my target sights since they have the Vita, a handheld struggling to get steam without games, in need of major announcements and releases for the next quarter, or two, or all of them.


There are a few issues going on that need to be addressed now that Nintendo has come out of the gates swinging by showing they are not going down without a fight.

Major announcements can happen at anytime outside of conventions and Nintendo’s use of Nintendo Direct these past two weeks shows us that this is where most major future announcements should happen.

Nintendo Direct videos give a personal touch and appeal to gamers out there where they’re able to watch the videos on  UStream, Youtube, and  even Nintendo’s own site. We do not need to wait every few months for announcements because gamers want to know what is coming out now, which is part of the reason rumors and leaks set the internet ablaze when they happen.

Gamers like games; and giving them said games makes them happy. It is just a matter of fact that gamers buy consoles to play games and they want titles to be announced to ensure there are no regrets about a console purchase. Sony could take some lessons from this with the Vita by letting people in on what’s being made for the system because gamers are waiting for more game announcements before making the investment. Nintendo dropped a ton of bombs for not only the Wii U but also the Nintendo 3DS, showing that they are supporting their consoles with games.


Exclusives are what separate each console and draw the line between a purchase or a skip. Microsoft is very guilty of this with a portfolio of exclusives that can be somewhat lacking to many gamers and consists mainly of exclusive DLC, a few franchises, and arcade titles. Outside of Gears of War and Halo, most gamers are actually not sure of many of the exclusive titles Xbox has because there are not many. Sony has been pumping out major exclusives left and right, such as The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, with Nintendo showing off its large portfolio and many new titles such as the Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

Sony and Microsoft are becoming very complacent and Nintendo took advantage of that today. Both companies need to take important lessons out of this that include possibly ditching conventions for announcements and go the direct route such as Nintendo. The other lesson is that games are what make consoles desirable purchases and Nintendo has come out as if they had a ton to prove with last week’s Pokemon X and Y announcement to the Zelda announcements of today. Sony and Microsoft need to realize this and place some more focus on the games otherwise they both will be in trouble with home and handheld consoles.


There is no doom and gloom here but an opportunity to take some lessons from Nintendo and consider changing the way things are done. A new console generation is starting and Sony will want to use many of these tactics now with the Vita and use it as a way to build up momentum for the next PlayStation console; possibly featuring videos of Kaz Hirai, Yoshida, or Jack Tretton. Microsoft is only involved in home consoles but if it does not bring the goods, and a large variety of exclusives, then we might see Xbox struggling to keep its home court lead in the US.

Kudos must go to Nintendo for rolling the ball forward to change how the big three should handle their games, announcements, and their relationships with their fans.

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  • Jim Layhe

    Did you read my post on the Official PS Vita Forums…lol? What this is saying, is exactly how I feel.  Kudos to you author.  I hope many people read this.

    • PaulQDualShockers

      Things are changing through out the whole game industry. This goes from the way games are published to the way things should be announced. I am surprised Nintendo is the one stepping up to the plate in huge ways with this. Found my self actually thinking earlier this week that not enough stuff has been announced by the big three (until today).

      • DarthDiggler

        Did I not see the same video as everyone else did?  Where was the game changer?  So what a Nintendo big wig did a you tube video and talked about a bunch of vaporware (as it stands now).

        I am just scratching my head at the reception this youtube video got. 

        • I don’t think “vaporware” means what you think it means, mate. 

  • Jim Layhe

    just in case you were wondering here is a link:

    my comment is at the bottom.

  • The Wii U may not be as much of a revolution as it is an evolution, but the way Nintendo is taking to the hype machine that is video game announcements, Nintendo Direct, as a news delivery platform, is definitely a game changer.
    Even more so, it throws out the “exclusive reveal” non-sense and actually levels the playing field for folks that report the information. 

    • Sifer2400

      lol this article is ridiculous Nintendo F’d up with this console its the same idea there is only so many times u can reinvent how we play stuff yes excursiveness is important but there is alot of things this article is missing if it was just for that then picking a new console wouldnt be an issue 

      • Yaris_Gutierrez

        Can you elaborate a bit on how you think Nintendo screwed up with this console? Frankly, I was not a believer of the Wii U since its initial announcement at E3 two years ago. However, to undermine Nintendo’s current plethora of features that they’re announcing is quite ignorant.

        I don’t think Nintendo is trying to reinvent anything, per se. I think that they are focusing their energy in bringing a console that’s competitive with features they know — and we know — are essential to today’s generation. They brought a console to the table that both hardcore and casual gamers can accept. But because it’s not Sony or Microsoft, it’s a joke.

  • Slumdog Hundredaire

    Sony and Microsoft are working on some serious kit, rather than an incremental hardware update as seen in the Wii U.  This Nintendo Direct can be easily replicated by Sony or Microsoft.  MS can do this with Skype.

    I fully credit Ninty for playing their own game, which is rather profitable.

    • Tlowther09

      Try to DOWN! play Nintendo’s Direct lol ,sad

  • DarthDiggler

    I completely disagree.  I thought that Nintendo Direct Video was lousy and came off as desperate and try-hard.  Let me explain…

    Basically the whole thing was just an apology for the lack of games.  Which stemmed from Nintendo not properly preparing the Wii U with 3rd Party Software.  So instead of doing a video where they just apologized they turned it into a Mock E3 conference but I didn’t see anything to get excited about.

    Sure the social features are nice, but they are just replicating what has already been done in other mediums.  PlayStation VITA offers some similar features on their platform (albeit not as robust).

    It was mostly a bunch of talk and not much to show.  I prefer to get news of my games and features when they have something compelling to show me.  As it stands Nintendo just completely spilled there beans with plenty of time for MS and Sony to integrate the coolest features.

    Does this mean that I think Sony is doing a fine job with messaging?  Hell no, but I don’t want to see Sony business types speaking to me in broken English telling me about all the great stuff I will see 6 months to 2 years down the road (at least not outside of E3).

    The fact is if Sony, MS and Nintendo have E3 level disclosure on a regular basis it will completely take away from the point of E3.

    • PaulQDualShockers

      E3 has already become pointless. Gamescom actually had much better announcements than E3 this year. Also Kaz Hirai speaks English very well. Sony and MS need to take notes on how to handle announcing new content like Nintendo has. 

      Personally as an Atlus fan you would think I would be excited about SMT x Fire Emblem but I am not. I am interested in how Nintendo got their fans rowdy for what is coming up through what you call a lousy video. Clearly it is something that is working because hate it or love it you are here discussing it and have some interest in it as well. It is about keeping fans interested in your system and for Nintendo owners this did a great job (though they did drop the ball on the whole Virtual Console thing with having to pay more but I understand because upgrading software costs development money).Nintendo just proved it can pull out 2006 E3 hype out of its fans on a ‘normal’ Wednesday. I want that for the Vita. Gamers should know what is coming out for their system or to make them want to buy a system. Not knowing means people think there are no games and systems fall to the way side.

  • DarthDiggler

    Also one other point, right now Sony and MS are beginning their changeover from PS3 -> PS4, Xbox 360 -> Xbox 723092341438.  It would completely kill their hype to start talking about the Next Generation THIS early.

    This should be fairly self evident to a “expert” in the console video game space. 🙁

    • PaulQDualShockers

      One reason Sony should start right now: PS Vita.