Saints Row Would Be Better Without Dildos, Says Cliff Bleszinski


This afternoon Cliff Bleszinski–industry giant perhaps best known for his role as designer in the Unreal and Gears of War franchises–has been sounding off on Twitter on what he thinks makes the Saints Row franchise great, and not so great.

Like dildos.

Gathered from a string of tweets on his Twitter profile, Bleszinski seems to think the franchise has great game mechanics–enough to “give GTA a run for their money”–but finds that their presentation is a little too “immature”, saying “[Battlefield] didn’t go after [Call of Duty] by putting dicks on their guns.”









More importantly, do you agree? Is the Saints Row franchise on par–or better–than the GTA franchise? And would it be better without gimps, purple suits, and weapons like “The Penetrator”? Gives us your thoughts in the comments below. Volition–the developer behind the Saints Row franchise–was recently acquired by Koch Media, the publisher behind Deep Silver and the Dead Island franchise. Whether that will affect the direction of the series remains to be seen. Stay tuned to for more news.

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  • Cliffy B says Saints Row the 3rd is too over the top.

    Yet, he produced Bulletstorm.


    • bigevilworldwide

      You know he didn’t actually have anything to do with Bulletstorm right? He has nothing to do with People can fly, he was just the face of Epic the publisher….They said promote he said OK….

        • oo7PorscheMGS

          Yes guys, he helped make Bulletstorm, but again there’s a difference between over the top ACTION (which is badass!) and action that is ruined by Dildos lol.    Not sure how else to explain it.  But yeah.  For example. Imagine a die hard movie where he’s hitting people with DIDLOS… LOL.  There, I think I just explained it pretty well. 😉   

          But I’ll spell it out for people who didn’t get CLiff’s point –  Leave the f’n dildo’s out if you guys want people to actually NOTICE how great the ACTION and MECHANICS in your game actually are.

  • RandomReduX

    I’m not a huge fan of Saint’s Row, but I know this kind of absurd humor is exactly what its fans have spoken up and said sets it apart from GTA in the first place; Grand Theft Auto has taken a more serious satirical tone, and Saint’s Row picked up the more outrageous aspects. Frankly, taking CliffyB’s advice here would, as I understand it, piss off the series’ fanbase who already jumped from GTA for doing the same thing.

    Saint’s Row, Resident Evil… he sure does have a lot of unsolicited opinions lately on games he has nothing to do with. 

  • Cliffy B advertised Bulletstorm as ‘My Pop pop always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to. Today I made a game a game where you can blow out a guys butt-hole with a rifle. Here’s to you pop pop’. That kind of makes his advice on keeping things tasteful rather hypocritical and worthless I think. Appealing to the LCD is appealing to the LCD.

  • Dom

    San Andreas had a big double-ender in the showers in the police station. 

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      There’s a difference between having one and having it all over your game 😉

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    I agree.  This may sound like sarcasm.. but I didn’t buy Saints Row 3 and one of the main reasons is because of the stuff they wen’t a little TOO far with.  I love comedy, but all the dildos and stupid stuff are a little too much.  Tone it down and you’ll be left with the amazing game it already is, like Cliff said.  Great game.  Time to give GTA a run for its money boys….

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    To the people that are saying “thats what makes saints row what it is!!”  ..well, you can STILL have an OVER THE TOP amazing action game without having to resort to the dildos lol.  THATs what I find best about Saints Row… the amazing fast paced action and over the top missions.  Dildos just bring it down.  Ok, I am done saying Dildos.  See how dumb the word even is?? 😉

  • Yes, take out the ludicrous antics and humor, make the game take itself completely seriously, and rename your game something akin to “Grand Theft Vehicles”.  Really, the stupidity and absurdness of this game is all that sets it apart from being a straight GTA clone.

  • MartinB105

    Having not played much Saint’s Row, I may be wrong about this, but it seems that immaturity is one of the defining characteristic of Saint’s Row and the primary differentiating factor between it and the GTA franchise.  If you try to beat your competitor just by just becoming more like then, then what will motivate people to buy your games?

    • thats the problem he is talking about.  the game is NOT defined at all by that kind of tongue and cheek humor to a lot of people who put tons of hours into it.  its defined by its awesome controls, great rpg mechanics, and awesome gang war gameplay.  i loved the holy hell out of SR3 and never even SAW the giant purple dildo except on one mission.  the way it sets itself apart from gta is being way more rpg like, with stats, experience, full character and vehicle customization, territory control, etc… SR3 is such a boss game, but the upper management, marketing and the PR for it really hurt its chances of being what it could, and they refuse to let go of the idea even at the death of THQ, as you can see here.

  • Aiddon

    ….Cliffie, you designed a game that has a CHAINSAW BAYONET without a hint of irony. Saint’s Row is at least so absurd and intentionally goofy it makes sense

  • too immature coming from this guy? I lol’d

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  • JkWhite

    Saints Row is great.  I loved GTA, until they started a whole serious aspect of the game.  SR3 was the greatest blend of humor and fun.  It’s what a game should be.  I definitely got my 60 bucks worth.

  • JkWhite

    Nothing FORCED you to use a dildo in-game.  It was an optional melee weapon.  


  • DarthDiggler

    Battlefield needs more dicks on their guns IMHO.  AND DINOSAURS!

  • I agree with Cliffy, his past developing not withstanding, i purchased Saints Row 1 and Saints Row 2, but 3 just came off as a little more over the top than i wanted…Dildos and if i read one review correctly, a sex change to go undercover or something like that…

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  • Anonymouse

    Someone spewed spaghetti all over the place and is trying to pick it up