Devil May Cry Sees Not So Stylish Sales in Japan and the UK

Although it has been fairly well received by critics, Ninja Theory and Capcom’s new take on the Devil May Cry series hasn’t been selling as well as past series entries. This is especially true when compared to the last proper numbered entry Devil May Cry 4, which released in 2008. Although the PS3 version of the game topped the Japanese sales charts in its week of release, the total combined sales of both versions of the game amount to less than half of the first week sales for Devil May Cry 4.

In its first week on Japanese store shelves, Devil May Cry 4 sold a combined 245,413 copies. Ninja Theory’s DmC has sold a combined total of only 116,429 in the same region and in a slightly greater amount of time. DmC has also undersold DMC4 in the UK. It topped the sales charts in that territory as well, although combined first week sales for the game are merely a third of DMC4‘s.

We could attribute these significantly lower sales to the decline of the overall video game market, but I think most people would be more comfortable attributing them to Capcom’s decision to forgo a proper Devil May Cry 5 in favor of Ninja Theory’s DmC. At this juncture Capcom may decide to develop DMC5 or maybe they’ll let Ninja Theory develop DmC2.

Honestly, since this is Capcom we’re talking about, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to let the series go by the wayside entirely, blaming fans and a lack of interest for the game’s lack of sales success.


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  • Oh yeah let’s blame everyone else for our decisions.
    Yeah no, alienating series fans was totally the fans fault, not Capcom’s for changing things for the sake of change instead of sticking with the original design.(This isn’t Final Fantasy where the series revolves around change. And thus is silly when people get upset about linearity and games like XIII when X is almost exactly as linear as XIII) As I recall NT’s original design was close to the original for Dante. But Capcom made them change it. So if it fails. It’s Capcom’s Fault.

    The quote
    “Dante’s original design was originally meant to be similar to the ones
    from previous games, but Capcom told the Ninja Theory staff it had to be
    completely different in order to appeal to a younger demographic”

    Give it time and i’m sure the game will do better(especially on PC. I’ve seen a lot of people on the web saying they bought it on PC. And I will be buying it on PC very soon as well). The 360 version at least, the PS3 version suffers the usual UE3 PS3 problems.

  • Al

     i love this picture, lol

  • Red Flame Fox

    Too bad, considering the fact that this game is actually awesome.