Save Your Saves With Nintendo’s 3DS Data Transfer Tool

on January 25, 2013 4:54 PM


Thanks to Nintendo World Report and their translation, we know that Nintendo will be releasing a save data transfer tool in Japan this March, allowing gamers to transfer save data from the cartridges of their games to the digital versions soon to be purchasable through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. This update was revealed through Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, via the Japanese eShop News update on the Chotto Nintendo Direct YouTube channel.

More and more games are being released to the eShop, with next week bringing Culdcept, Pocket Soccer League Calcio Bit, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon Rumble Blast and Nintendogs + Cats (all three versions).

There has been no word on whether this tool will make its way to western shores, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up. For more news, stay tuned to DualShockers.

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