Adam Sessler Defends the Video Game Industry on Fox News


Thanks to YouTube user StuMakesDinnerAtNine, we’ve got footage of Adam Sessler’s appearance on Fox News this morning (which you can see below), defending video games from yet another Gun Debate attack.

Adam Sessler, very well known for his time as a video game journalist on G4 TV and current editor-in-chief of Rev3 Games, was asked his opinion on whether video games can be blamed for the gun violence that was responsible for the tragedies in Aurora and at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

As you’ll see, Sessler defended gaming by noting how people are quick to blame things they don’t understand, and that aggressive competition is different from murderous urges. If there’s any fellow comic nerds out there, you’ll appreciate his reference to Dr. Frank Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent, a book from the 1950’s that blamed Batman and Robin for homosexuality, among other things, that Dr. Wertham considered morally evil.

While I have little hope that Sessler’s four minute response will change many minds on Fox’s network, I do have hope that the video game industry will prevail against these attacks. The comics industry and the movie industry have survived, so can we. It’s just a matter of time before people find a new scapegoat to blame their problems on.

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[Picture Credit: Kotaku]

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  • SirCrush

    One point of fact that KEEPS getting overlooked…if ANYONE plays a violent game and perceives what they are mauling or killing as a REAL PERSON, a much deeper problem lies there than the game. So many fingers are pointed so many directions but these issues with violence in society are rooted somewhere else. I’ll never kill anybody. But I’ve killed millions in video games. I’ll never steal a car or rob a bank. Done that hundreds of times virtually, though. I understand I am playing out something unreal. The ones that don’t have this understanding were dangerous before they ever picked up a controller.

  • Starkiller169

    People seem to just completely disregard the rating system that games have. Some games are rated as Mature because they’re supposed to be 17+ games. When you purchase these games, you often have to provide an ID that proves you are of age. Stop blaming games. If the violent games were what was causing people to be violent, it’s the parents we should blame for letting their children play games that weren’t meant for their age.