Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PS Vita Gets an Extended Trailer, Looks Great

Japanese PS Vita owners are getting a treat in less than a month (on February the 28th), with the release of Phantasy Star Online 2 on the platform.  Today Sega released an extended trailer to wet our appetite and give us a quite comprehensive glimpse on how the game will look and play.

In the whopping six and a half minutes of footage we can see basically every major aspect of the game, from classes to weapons, passing by character creation (and breast inflation) and the third person shooter/action combat mechanics.

Add to that the fact that it looks really good and you’ll probably understand why I’d really like for Sega West to give us some sort of announcement about a western localization.

Some say that the Vita doesn’t have enough good games. The problem is that it does, but exactly like it happened with the PSP, too many great games are left in Japan, without ever appearing in the United States and Europe. That’s a pity, because ultimately we’re the ones missing out.

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  • Al

    Why the Vita? They need to bring it to a console and stop messing around. The Wii U would be nice as the pad would work very well.

    • MyBodyIsReady

      The Vita needs games, Phantasy star is a big seller. Simple as. You wanna play it, buy a Vita I guess. 

    • Putting it on the Wii U is messing around. 

    • Why the vita? because it’s already being released on the Vita in a month. It’s that simple. 

      For non-portables there’s already the PC version.

  • Al

    Lso changing the size of the boobs is over the top not necessary. Lol

    • MMORPG gamers normally differ. Body customization of all sorts is a very sought-upon feature.