Devils Do Cry: Capcom Slashes DMC Sales Forecast Almost by Half

A lot of critics liked DMC: Devil May Cry very much. Some seemed to cartwheel a tad excessively in praise for my taste, and I find myself much nearer to the opinion of our very own Kenneth. One thing, though, is becoming more and more evident. A lot of fans didn’t appreciate Ninja Theory’s take on the classic franchise.

Eurogamer reported that Capcom has reduced their shipping forecast for the game from the original two million to a much more modest 1.2 million copies, showing  a considerable dip from Devil May Cry 4, that sold more than twice as much.

The forecast doesn’t include the PC version of the game, but considering that at the moment it’s ranked at a disastrous 28th place between the top sellers on Steam, way behind even independent and small titles like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare released months ago, I seriously doubt it’ll break any records even on that platform.

I happened to read some writers scribble that it’s the fans’ fault if the game didn’t achieve the expected level of commercial success, and that Capcom suffered backlash because they “dared to reinvent its IP for the 21st century and dared to change the colour of Dante’s hair”.

Yet I’m quite sure it wasn’t the fans’ decision to change a beloved character into an insufferable and angsty teenager that needs to eat more and spew less nonsensical profanities for the sake of sounding “mature” (if that even makes any sense at all), and it wasn’t the fans that adopted a smug and antagonizing stance with misguided lines like “We’re not pretending we are Japanese nor making apologies for that.”

Other developers have demonstrated that it’s very possible to reinvent an IP for the 21st century without disrespecting the original and without flying all smug in the face of its fans. Maybe Capcom should take a page from them, and do a reboot of the reboot, possibly made by someone that actually liked the original franchise. It normally does help.

Disclaimer: the featured picture above is from a mod that makes Dante look a lot more like his Devil May Cry 3 incarnation. To put it down simply, less like an idiot. Unfortunately it doesn’t make him sound less like an idiot, but  that’s probably beyond what the modding community can do in the short term. 

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  • The game just came out like 3 weeks ago…

    Honestly my only problems with the game (aside from some technical issues with the PC version like Dynamic self shadow striping because of an Offset bias and what looks like lower quality motionblur/DoF than the 360 version) were that Capcom MADE them change Dante, and the way they handled the music. Licensed songs in my DMC? GTFO.

    And then the change to 30FPS instead of Series staple 60FPS even on consoles i’m sure did not please a lot of the Core fanbase.

    Where do you go from here? Do you let the series die Capcom, or do you make DMC5 or dmc:DMC2?

    I’m sure Sales will pick up, gotta give it time. It’s only been 3 weeks.

    • They sliced the sales forecast, meaning they don’t think sales will pick up. They normally don’t anyway. 

      Also, yes, Capcom made them change Dante, but they didn’t take all the creative decisions, and for sure they didn’t make them be smug about it.

  • RovCal

    na its gone for good, and i hate this reboot.   gimme old dante and you got my money.