Paul Walker Cast as Agent 47 in Hitman Film Reboot

If The Incredible Hulk (2008) taught anyone anything, it was that as long as a film entertained the audience and delivered a good story, a reboot of a disappointing film franchise only five-or-so years after the fact would be graciously accepted. Fox International Pictures looks to utilize this strategy as they move forward with a reboot of the Hitman film franchise entitled, Agent 47.

Agent 47 will not see the return of Timothy Olyphant as the title character, a role that has instead been recast with Paul Walker. Aleksander Bach (director of various commercials) will direct a screenplay written by Skip Woods (Hitman) and Mike  Finch (A Good Day to Die Hard). Filming in Berlin and Singapore is set to start this June. No release window has been set at this time.

The original Hitman film, directed by Xavier Gens, was released in 2007 and starred Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47. While it managed to make quadruple its budget at the box office ($100 million), the film received mostly negative reviews. 

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  • Why not someone who ACTUALLY fits the part? Like Jason Statham..

    i’m starting to get sick of Reboots.

  • Paul walker is a goofy type of dude, not a good choice here.

  • Anon

    The difference is they cast a decent actor in the reboot of Hulk. Maybe they hired Walker for his non acting skills, either way expectations are low. Statham might look the part but he doesn’t do accents.

    • Actually, English and Australian actors are some of the best when it comes to doing accents. I wouldn’t put it past Mr. Statham.

      • Anon

         Guess you haven’t seen too many of his movies then.