Injustice Battle Arena Reveals Shazam (Captain Marvel) In Latest Match Up

on February 11, 2013 3:33 PM


Injustice Battle Arena has recently revealed brand new Injustice: Gods Among Us footage through its fantasy match ups, which last week gave us Batman VS Bane, and Wonder Woman VS Harley Quinn. Today it has revealed its newest hero as Shazam (or, to DC Comic purists like myself, Captain Marvel), who looks much like his DC VS MK iteration, but with his New 52 look. If none of this makes sense to you, he’s a little boy who can turn into a Superman-level hero with but one word, and he can kick a lot of ass.

This week’s match ups have fans debating who would win in a fight: Flash, or Shazam, and Lex Luthor, or Joker? Fans can vote on the Battle Arena website, and also nerd out over why their chosen victor would win. No matter the results, fans win, because after voting goes in on Thursday, we’ll all be rewarded with a new pair of fight footage detailing more of Injustice‘s gameplay, and giving us a winner based on fans’ votes.

You can see the annouce video below; for more news, stay tuned to

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