Check Out Dynasty Warriors 8’s 7 Up and Vocaloid Crossover Costumes

Tecmo Koei is putting together some crazy Japanese promotional tie-ups for its upcoming action game Dynasty Warriors 8. One of these promotions adds a 7 Up – yes, as in the soft drink – themed costume for series front man Zhao Yun. This costume will be available for free download from February 28th. The king of overpowered generals Lu Bu also has a promo costume. Japanese guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei contributed a song to Dynasty Warriors 8‘s soundtrack, and buy purchasing his album Come Rain, Come Shine you can get that nasty black costume for Lu Bu.

The newest promo costume is a pre-order bonus from Japanese convenience store chain Lawson. Pre-ordering there will earn fans a costume that dresses Wang Yuanji up like the store’s vocaloid mascot Akikoloid-chan. She’ll also get a special weapon. I’d pass on the 7 Up and vocaloid costumes, but it’d be really cool if North America could get that Lu Bu costume as well. Dynasty Warriors 8 is currently only confirmed for release in Japan, where it’ll launch on February 28th, exclusively for the PS3.

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  • Mika Saint

    At what point did they sit back and think, “Hey, you know what we need to do? Make Lu Bu EVEN MORE badass.”

    It’s been a while since I’ve delved into the DW franchise. The last I played was 5 Empires and DW: Gundam.
    Hopefully 8 will reel me back in.