New Digimon Game To Be Announced Next Week As Part of Namco Bandai’s Digimon Celebration

Thanks to Siliconera, we know that Namco Bandai will be revealing a new Digimon game as part of the huge 15th anniversary celebration they’re throwing for the series next week. According to the site, the game will be revealed in next week’s issue of V Jump magazine in Japan, which I assume will be February 21st, since that’s the date Namco Bandai is showing off.

This is also on top of Digimon Adventure game we reported on before, and a few other games apparently in development, which you can see on Namco Bandai’s japanese website.

Were you–like me–the sole Digimon fan in a class full of Poke fanatics? Are you excited for new Digimon anything? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to for more news.

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  • Ludakriss

    This makes me tingly inside ^_^ Seriously though. my experience with the Digimon Tamers 3 was superb. I cannot wait until they reveal the next available DIGIMON!

    • I haven’t played a Digi-game in a while, but I loved the TV series. Wouldn’t mind something new, finally

    • As a fan of the Digimon series, I feel the exact same way!

      However the only games I actually played were Digimon World 1 and Digimon World 2003 (the RPG one).
      I was horrible levels of bad at DW1, whether that was down to it’s difficulty or not, I’m not sure. I was young though.
      As for Digimon World 2003, I enjoyed it right the way through. The only thing that set me off was that your party of digimon could digivolve into all sorts of weird things, and didn’t really stick to their standard digivolutions. For example, Renamon eventually could digivolve into Stingmon (if I remember correctly).
      Still, it had an amazing card game built in also.
      I look forward to this!

      • Ludakriss

        Yeah xDD Renamon – Stingmon was true. And as you pointed out, indeed, bizarre =) 

        By the way that’s the one I meant. DW 2003. great possibilities into the Digivolution. Was insane. You literally become the Imperialdramon! That was an enormous part of the addiction I came to call the God Mode. 

        It introduced me into the possibility of becoming God-Like. With the knowledge of the world, the rules of it, the mechanics and the rest. You truly could become the Ultimate. The unbeatable. 

        That is now rare to see in games. RPGs truly should offer that as an option in games.