Ahead of Feb. 20th Announcement, Sony Gives Brief History of their Portable Devices

on February 19, 2013 7:25 AM

In the days leading up to their big announcement on February 20th, Sony has been posting videos detailing the history of their presence in the console market. Each video focused on one console respectively, starting with the PlayStation and ending with the PlayStation 3.

This latest video is devoted both to the PlayStation Portable and PS Vita devices. The video itself is pretty brief, and feels like more of an addendum to the company’s success with home consoles, which seems to be their focus with the upcoming announcement.

The announcement on the 20th is expected to be the official reveal of the PlayStation 4. The internet has been ablaze with speculation as to the nature of the announcement itself, including how much information Sony will divulge, given that shows like the Game Developers Conference and the Electronic Entertainment Expo are on the horizon.

You can check out a brief history of the PSP and PS Vita below.

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