Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Benchmark Hits the Net with Three Videos, Screenshots and Artwork

Yesterday may have been the day of the PS4, but looks like today is the day of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, with a massive reveal of assets that will possibly make those that haven’t been invited to phase one of the beta (that will start on the 25th) a little better.

First and foremost, everyone with a PC can now test how his hardware stacks against the new graphics engine that will power the game, as Square Enix released the first official benchmark titled “Exploration“. You can download it here and be prepared to drool, because it’s absolutely spectacular.

The performance settings of the benchmark are definitely interesting, as they include several advanced performance options like Occlusion Culling and LOD Streaming that you rarely see in MMORPGs, showing that the development team really pulled all the stops to optimize the engine as much as possible this time.

For those that don’t have their high end PC handy, there’s still quite a lot to enjoy, with two trailers. The first shows offs the benchmark itself, while the second is a nine minutes-long trip across Eorzea. As it’s just part 1, we can expect a series showing more locations.

A third video was also released, commented by Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida himself, showing off the optional (and most definitely slick) gamepad-dedicated interface and explaining how it works.

As a final icing on the cake the publisher also released a large bunch of new screenshots and artwork, showing off character models for all races and genders and some of the locations we’ll find while exploring the new Eorzea.

So what’s your benchmark score? Personally I’m sitting rather secure on a very respectable 6085 (Very High) at maximum detail. Let me know in the comments, and in the meanwhile you can enjoy all the assets and videos below.

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  • I get about 7900 points on Maximum at 720p but i’m having some GPU usage issues. Most of the benchmark it’s only 70% or below. I’m guessing it’s a CPU limited issue. But i’m gonna try to run it again at 1080p see if it makes a difference and then increase my CPU’s clock to 4.2Ghz from 4Ghz.

    Perhaps it’s because I have a first generation Core i7. I dunno. Turning off Ambient Occlusion brings the score up to 8300+

    • That sounds like a good performance. Did you turn on performance options like Occlusion culling and the like? those help. 

      •  Yeah the scores are good.(Great even for my aging GPU)

        It’s just the GPU usage that bothers me. But i’m sure it will be worked out in future drivers for Nvidia GPUs. FFXIV 1.0 had many big boosts in performance and in GPU usage from driver optimization.

        • That’s not really a problem of the game per se. Almost no game will keep your GPU (or CPU) 100% used all the time, or even near. The reason is simply that GPU and CPU bottleneck each other and interact with each other depending on what’s most required while the scene is rendered.