Project Awakened Shows Off Its Mod Tool Creation Suite

on February 21, 2013 2:32 PM

Phosphor Games Studio have released a new video (which you can see below) showcasing the type of creative capabilities they will offer with their upcoming game, Awakened.

In the Modding Demo, you will see a variety of worlds that use a uniquely created player, uniquely modded enemy types, and uniquely modded worlds, including:

  • A “Sci-Fi Universe” that includes a Halo-esque look and Master Chief-like character);
  • A “Metaverse” with a Tron like digital look and Space Invaders-like projectiles;
  • A “Fantasy” world with a sort of Zelda meets Dark Souls look;
  • A “Furry” mod, where a player went around attacking enemies in a sort of Saints Row the Third-like panda costume;
  • A “Military” world with a very gritty approach approach;
  • A weird “?????” world with a sort of freakish Mario feel to it;
  • A world full of “Rapid Prototype Zombes” (who weren’t really all that “rapid” at all);
  • And a world with “Historical Japanese Battles” (I’m not sure which battle had a giant turret-mounted crab in it, but I certainly more interested in history now).

You can check out the most recent Kickstarter Update for more details on the modding tools that will be available to players. What do you think of the worlds in the video? Do you think these modding options will make Awakened a better game? And have you checked out Awakened‘s recent story and create-a-player details? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to for more news.

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