XBOX’s Major Nelson Responds to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Announcement

Well, it’s not called a “console competition” now is it? No, it’s called a console war for a reason and sometimes there’s mud slinging involved. Last night, following Sony’s February 20th unveiling of the PlayStation 4, XBOX’s Larry Hyrb also known as Major Nelson took to the twitter-verse to share his feelings on Sony’s big night. Take a look at the tweet in question:



When asked about the lack of an actual console at the meeting, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida joked with Kotaku by saying, “Why do you care?” He also emphasized that the only reason the controller was revealed during the press conference was due to the fact that Sony performed live demos on stage.

What do you think? Was it a Sony misstep by not showing the hardware? Or was Major Nelson’s tweet simply a cheap shot since we haven’t heard anything from his camp? Let us know in the comments.

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  • RandomReduX

    lol, this just looks like silly nitpicking. We got specs, a release window, software previews, tech feature explanations… but oh no, we don’t know what shape box all the chips come in, oh dear. MICROSOFT WINS.

    I’d rather have price info than think this is important at all.

  • not a huge deal as far as im concerned but they could have at least told everyone the were not going to show the actual console. Sony just gave Microsoft fan boys something to complain about.

  • Jimmyjimjim

    It’s just a sly little dig he’s obviously scared of how awesome it’s gonna look

  • Because seeing just another black rectangle matters when you’re seeing games and impressive specs right?

    Keep it classy Mr. Nelson.

  • Benji Michalek

    The Major is right.  Without showing the console we really didn’t gain anything.  Of course they’re launch a PS4… What did we gain from the announcement?  More mega cool graphics? Neat?

  • Silence10029

    I think Microsoft is at a oo sh!t moment due to the fact they have lost alot of independent devs and support from alot of company’s ps4 made a impact last night Idc what the ps4 looks like I care more about how it works

    Microsoft scared

  • Masoud House

    Why do we need to see the console so badly? We’ll look at it, comment on it, and move on anyway. I’m more concerned with what’s inside. At the end of the day, my main console will sit in the same place the others hand. I just want the damn thing to work and keep me entertained.

  • MrJAPoe

    This conference’s main goal was slightly on specs and primarily on games. If Sony showed the console now, no one would be talking about the games; they’d be nitpicking the look of the console instead of talking about what the console is: a high-powered game system with an amazing lineup.

  • WaterBottle

    We need something to look forward to. Hype isn’t something that just stays with people once it starts. Sony has given us something to look forward to. Besides this meeting was just an acknowledgement of the PS4 an a little teaser. We’ll see it at E3.