New iRacing Gameplay Video Gives a Sneak Peek on the Gen6 Chevrolet SS Sprint Cup Car

on February 24, 2013 4:46 PM

The new Gen6 Chevrolet SS Sprint Cup Car will come soon to an iRacing near us, and decided to give us a sneak peek with a new gameplay video that shows the Nascar beauty in all its glory. Well…at least I guess there must be some people that find Nascar cars beautiful…somewhere.

Puns aside, the video gives us a good glimpse on the new car and on is all-new engine sounds, that feel really, really good. You can check it out below, for a lot of racing-in-circles goodness. At the very least it does show that the car can indeed turn right. Oh yes. I did say “Puns aside” before…didn’t I?

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