Sony To Indie Developers: Four Easy Steps To Self-Publish On the Playstation Network

on February 27, 2013 6:24 PM

Sony mentioned inviting Indie developers into the Playstation Network during their recent press conference. They mentioned wanting to encourage Indie developers to self-publish on their network, with a process implied to be a little easier than developing for XBLA or trying to go through the Steam Greenlight program. Well, Sony has followed up on that idea with a single tweet:

The link leads you to the Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network, to a Registration page that details the process in four steps (which you can see in the feature image below): filling out a form; that form leading to a Tool Loan agreement, the TLA leading to giving the development team administration access, and that access leading to software and hardware use and support.

How good that support is remains to be seen since this is all new; but the much easier to design for PS4 and the easier, mobile-like approach to bringing in indie games will likely encourage more particpation from small developers. This registration also leads to the ability to publish games to the PS Vita and PS Mobile, two networks that could still use a little more diversity.

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