New SimCity Videos Show the Casino City and Disaster City We All Built Together

Electronic Arts is having daily livestreams with members of the SimCity team playing the game and viewers voting on some important decisions. Yesterday the main dish was a casino city (while the day before it was a city devastated by disasters over and over) and today the publisher released two new videos showing off what happened.

Incidentally the video calls the casino city a success, but monetary struggles and crime were rampant, so i’ll define it more of a mixed result. Things seem to be going better with today’s green city (having a Senior Gameplay Designer at the helm probably helps), but we’ll have to see.

Of course as soon as I wrote “things seem to be going better” a zombie outbreak happened. Well, it’s a green city and the zombies glow green (for some reason) so it’s kind of appropriate. You can check out the videos below and access the stream here.

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