PS4 Will Support Sony’s Upcoming 4K Movie Platform… With File Sizes Around 100GB

When was the last time you downloaded something that was 100gb? Well if Sony has their way, that will become the norm by the time 4K TV penetrates the homes of consumers. Leading the way for 4K content, outside of Sony’s web enabled Bravia line of TVs, will be the PlayStation 4. The same way that the PlayStation pioneered the way for DVD and then BluRay, Sony hopes that lightening can strike a third time with their 4K video service which — due to a lack of sufficient broadband speeds throughout the world and even here in the US —  has probably the biggest challenge of getting off the ground than any physical media that came before it.

In an interview with The Verge, Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux discussed 4K video and how users would expect to see file sizes in the 100gb range. When questioned about the lack of broadband, Molyneux replied by saying that there are “challenges that we have to work through… we’ve got some very good ideas that will make that a comfortable consumer experience.”

But… that file size.

It’s a predicament that Sony as well as other TV set makers are finding themselves in; where they have a technology that the world’s internet is simply not ready for. One thing that sort of works in Sony’s favor is that, unlike their competition, they own 4K content that they can distribute. But then it comes down to, if you don’t start now, then when? Let’s hope Sony can leverage those Gaikai servers into this somehow because as it stands and speeds where they’re at now, if you’re planning to watch a 4K movie, you better be ready to wait a day or so after clicking that download button.

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  • At that point people would just switch to streaming. I mean come on 10 movies fit on a 1tb drive just not practical.  Unless Sony has a plan to ffw this to market so they can keep blue-ray relevant by pushing 4k 100gb blue-ray disks.

  • I doubt 4k will catch on for Movies.

    Improve the quality we have(Which is far from perfect EVEN on blu-ray. And most Cable HD is only 1080i) and focus on that. Most people are still reeling from the transition to HD.

    It was probably the biggest major TV transition since Color TV. And you can’t just expect people to switch again less than 7 years later.

    Streaming and Cable TV HD quality is still terrible. (Especially the latter).

    4k is a bigger improvement for Games than movies (IMO). It certainly helps with aliasing.
    Even 4k just downsampled to 1080p is a HUGE improvement

    Crysis 3 at 4k for example Downsampled to 1080p