SimCity’s Traffic Gets Explained In Developer’s Blog

on March 24, 2013 3:55 PM

As I explained in my review of the game, traffic can be a hard nut to crack in SimCity, and either a glitch or bad road planning can result in a gridlock that will virtually paralyze part of your city, especially if you specialize in tourism, with thousands of sims invading your streets to find their amusement in your casinos and between your landmarks.

To help us better understand how things work Software Engineer Alexander Harkness posted a new blog entry with an extremely detailed explanation.

It’s actually quite nice of the development team to go to this kind of length to explain how the most complex concepts of the game work, and it definitely gives me good vibes for the future of the game, as it’s basically getting the MMO treatment support-wise.

You can find the full write-up here.

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