Naoki Yoshida Reassures Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Fans After News of Wada’s Resignation

After the news about Yoichi Wada’s resignation from his position as President and CEO of Square Enix, many Final Fantasy XIV fans wondered if that could change the future of the upcoming A Realm Reborn, especially because Wada-san was a strong supporter of the game’s relaunch and the announcement itself mentioned “major reforms and restructuring in its development policy, organizational structure, some business models, and others”. That kind of wording is obviously bound to cause concerns between those eagerly awaiting a game in its final development stage.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida immediately took to the official Japanese Lodestone forums reassuring the fans, and clarifying that the change in leadership and the restructuring won’t have any effect on the development of the game:

Please be assured that our development policy, development attitude and development structure won’t be affected at all.

He also added that the reason why he didn’t communicate much recently wasn’t due to the news released today, but simply because he has been very busy with the game’s beta testing (the first phase has just ended and the second phase will begin within the first ten days of April). He continued with his usual positive attitude:

Our policies haven’t changed at all, and we’re pushing forward to the launch of the new game backed by the support of the whole company.
Actually our sense of responsibility towards the rebirth of Final Fantasy XIV is strengthened. As producer and Director I’m determined and prepared for it and I’m working hard to deliver the best game I can.
Please don’t worry.

He finally followed up with a further post stating that concern from the fans is understandable and thanking them for it.

There you have it: despite the resignation of Wada-san Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will continue its route to release as planned. All’s right with the world.

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  • No one cares, where is VSXIII!!!??? Ok fine I wont be mean.. maybe some do but… we want VS… hope to it SE.

    • This has nothing to do with versus XIII, and considering that we saw almost nothing about it, and as a matter of fact we know very little about it, considering it some sort of messiah that will save Final Fantasy is extremely naive at best.

      We should focus on the games that are actually coming and coming soon, instead of flooding news about them with wishful thinking about Chimeras that are very far in the future.

      • wut? its has everything to do with VS… Square Enix.. made VS.. under Wada-San.. no one really wants XIV just look at what happened when it came out. Focus on what the people want (VS,VII, KH3 ext.) and stop working on games no one wants.. the reason he stepped down was the amount of loss do to the crap they have been putting out which no one wants.. like XIV.

        • And of course you’re able to bring actual valid statistical data on what “people” want and what “no one” wants?

          I advise you talk for yourself, not for “people”. It’ll make it much easier to take you anywhere near seriously mate 😀

        • Xakery

          Speak for yourself homie. I stuck with XIV since CE launch. It offered more than any mmo or f2p I’ve played, even in its flawed state. I’m eagerly looking for relaunch.

      • I always thought this was funny. Everyone hates all this other junk and they automatically assume Versus is going to be “Actually good”

        I always laugh hard. So hard.

  • Good. I’m sure not much will change and they will be heathily back on track to redo this game with a vengance! I’m rooting for you Yoshida!