Final Fantasy X-2 HD May Not Come With All of the International Edition Content

According to this week’s issue of Dengeki Magazine (via FF Reunion’s aibo and the generally reliable NeoGaf Forums), Final Fantasy X-2 may not come with all of the International Edition content it originally had. Producer Yoshinori Kitase is reportedly considering whether or not to include the Last Mission content of the game, saying that he believes this segment to be a very different component from the rest of the game.

The Last Mission was a segment of the game where X-2 protagonists Yuna, Rikku, and Paine meet up again several months after the end of the game to explore the recently discovered Yadonoki Tower ruins. The Tower has 80 levels and a boss battle for every 20th level.

If it isn’t released, it’d be safe to assume it could debut later as DLC, although that isn’t common for HD remastered titles. But this would be too good to pass up, right?

[Thanks, TheSilentChief]

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  • The problem with this is that Last Mission was recorded only in Japanese. Unless fans don’t mind subtitled English content (or they secretly recorded English dialogue but never released it), then I don’t see any other way for this to be included. DLC otherwise as it suggested. To be honest, the International side alone in X-2 is loaded with over whelming bonus. The highlight is the psychic killer dressphere and the coliseum.

    EDIT: Oh and using FFX characters/versions on your team, though they can’t be controlled. And using captured fiends – pokemon right there! (not really)

    • methylenebl

      It doesn’t have anything to do with the fans minding or not if the content was only subtitled. If they do only have Japanese Dialog for the Last Mission this means they are running into licensing issues with using the VA’s Japanese voices outside of Japan which is probably the only country that SE got the licensing to use said voices.

  • Well, can’t miss what I never had I guess 🙁

    I love X-2 enough as it is. Played hundreds of hours over multiple playthroughs back when it came out.