Second Divinity: Original Sin Update Showcases Elements that Should Be in Every RPG

on March 30, 2013 1:46 PM

With $206,370 in the bag on Kickstarter in two days Larian Studios released a new video about Divinity: Original Sin and this time it’s a really juicy one for RPG fanatics like me.

In the video we can see Creative Director Swen Vincke and Producer David Walgrave as they hold a review meeting in which they discuss the topics that should really be discussed in depth by every development team working on a RPG game, and that often, I feel, tend to take too much of a backseat to all the bells and whistles that look great on the surface but don’t really make the world as “alive” as it should be.

I’m talking about interactions with NPCs, branching dialogue even with minor characters, the ability for them to be aware of their surroundings and to react accordingly to the actions of the player characters. I have to admit it: it’s truly a joy to see the folks at Larian paying attention to that kind of details.

Of course we’ll still have to see the result of such attention, but the fact that they are, indeed, working on it (and that deem it important enough for its own video and update) is promising.

If you feel as I do, and you still didn’t, you can pledge your support here and see the video below.

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