ArcheAge Gets Fishing In Korea, Shows new Trailer

on April 15, 2013 10:59 AM

As a sandbox MMORPG XLGAME’s ArcheAge has a large component based on gathering and crafting, so when I tested the game I was actually rather surprised that it didn’t have a feature as usually popular fishing. This has been addressed in a new update that introduced an extremely deep fishing system to the game.

The new feature, that integrates perfectly with the game’s ships and with the ability to navigate the seas freely, includes both fresh water and salt water fishing and a large variety of prey, from small to extremely large. It’s also possible to fish up boxes containing items.

Players are also granted fishing-specific skills and buffs, and are able to use different bait and lure depending on what they’d like to catch.

Below you can see a fishing-specific trailer, while we wait for an announcement from Trion Worlds about a release window for ArcheAge in the west.

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