Final Fantasy XI Getting New Content in Upcoming Update

on April 25, 2013 1:23 PM

Square Enix announced today that a new update for Final Fantasy XI will bring new content to the veteran MMORPG that just received the Seekers of Adoulin expansion. The new elements will feature two challenge-style skirmishes for six and eighteen players.

Curious to know what they’ll entail? Just read below:

  • Delve – By using a special item, up to eighteen players can plunge into spatial distortions known as “fractures” to vanquish five powerful monsters and their leader. Players are rewarded with powerful equipment after completing a successful fracture.
  • Otherworldly Skirmishes – Up to six different players can enter an ethereal realm to fight against a swarm of enemies by using a special sculpture in the land of Ulbuka. Surviving against the swarm will yield victors a cache of powerful armor and additional armaments.

The update will be released on April the 29th, and while you wait you can check out a few screenshots below showing two of the equipment sets that can be earned with the upcoming challenges and a few relevant battle scenes.


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