New Camelot Unchained Update Features an Improved Building Demo, Livestream Shows Capture the Flag

on April 26, 2013 9:48 PM

Remember that lovely Camelot Unchained video showing off the building prototype that looked a lot like the MMORPG version of Minecraft?

Well, today we got another update showcasing the same prototype, but a lot of improvements have been added to it in order to make everything smoother and more pleasant to look at.

I have to say that I’m very impressed by how fast the team managed to improve the prototype, and by the extent of the improvement itself. It’s amazing that a small team like City State Entertainment can pull feats like this off in such a short time frame.

In addition to the update Tech Director Andrew Meggs held a livestream event in which 118 people were invited to join a in-engine capture-the-flag mini-battle. Again, while the prototype is still a bit rough around the edges, we’re looking at something that has been accomplished in about three weeks of work. Considering that, it’s really hard not to be impressed by the result.

You can check out both the building prototype video and the recording of the livestream below, and pledge your own support for the game here.

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