Soul Sacrifice Gets a New Trailer and New Awesome Artwork Showcasing Free DLC

on April 26, 2013 11:26 AM

Waiting eagerly for Soul Sacrifice, that will be released in North American on April the 30th and in Europe on May the 3rd? Japan already got the game, and on May the 2nd a free DLC is going to hit the Japanese PSN.

The new pack adds two new enemies and a new forbidden art.

The first enemy is the Ghost. This nasty critter is the spirit of a woman that, in order to avoid death, gave up the right to die and her body. Now she wanders endlessly in this ethereal form, bemoaning her fate.

The second enemy is the Ouroboros, a result of the experiments of a frantic scientist that wanted to create a self-propelled wheel, but ended up transforming his own body into it.

Players will be able to use a new forbidden art to change their form to that of an Angel at the price of their own bones. Their new wings will be able to wound enemies, and they will gain the power to heal their comrades. In exchange they will move much slower and will lose the ability to avoid incoming blows.

You can check out the relevant trailer and artwork below.

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