Does Dragon’s Crown’s Japanese Box Art Offend You?

I wonder if this Japanese Dragon’s Crown box art will stir up a mess of controversy. In addition to the Japanese box art, Atlus has today also shared the cover artwork of the art-book that will be included as a bonus for early purchasers of the Vanillaware developed 2D action game. In Japan, that is. Since the enormous bosom of the sorceress and the incredibly thick thighs and buttocks of the amazon are pretty much hidden, I don’t think this box art will offend anyone.

Then again, video game press is pretty sensitive nowadays, so I can’t be sure.

Dragon’s Crown will be available for the PS3 and PS Vita in Japan on July 25th. It’ll be available in North America on August 6th. Hopefully that art-book is offered in North America and Europe as a pre-order bonus or something. Japan always gets the coolest bonuses. View the art below.

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  • Maybe now they’ll say it’s sexist because there’s a man in the middle and the ladies are put on the sides 😀

  • J.R

    Not sensitive, paranoid is the word your looking for.

  • d sar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this offended someone at Kotaku