Upcoming World of Warcaft Patch Will Introduce Four New Scenarios

on May 3, 2013 3:24 PM

While we still don’t know when World of Warcraft‘s patch 5.3 will hit the servers, Blizzard shared a bit more of what players of the aging MMORPG can expect from the upcoming update.

Four new scenarios will be implemented: The first two are part of the Battlefield Barrens storyline and will be titled Blood in the Snow and Dark Heart of Pandaria. The second pair will send players to babysit a squad of goblins with Secrets of Ragefire and into a full fledged naval engagement with Battle on the High Seas.

In addition to the new scenarios a new heroic mode will be introduced and it will be initially applied to the four new scenarios and two existing ones: Crypt of Forgotten Kings and A Brewing Storm. Only players with an item level over 480 will be allowed to queue for the heroic modes, and success will award them with Raid Finder-quality items in addition to Valor Points.

You can check out the full developers’ blog post here, or enjoy eight screenshots from the new scenarios in the gallery below.

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