EVE Online Celebrates Ten Years of New Eden With Over 65,000 Players Online at the Same Time

on May 6, 2013 1:00 PM

CCP Games is celebrating the tenth anniversary of EVE Online (that was launched on May the 6th, 2003) with quite a few in game events. Gifts are  also on the menu with players receiving a new shiny frigate, clothing, implants and fireworks.

This caused most of the game’s playerbase to flock to the server during the last 24 hours, breaking the game’s previous record of concurrent users online with 65.000 angry capsuleers logged in at the same time and hunting developers all over the place.

For those that don’t know EVE Online it has to be said that the game isn’t divided in different servers, meaning that all those 65.000 people were concurrently online in the same shared environment. That’s quite a feat, isn’t it?

Considering that CCP games has continued to update the engine and the gameplay, keeping the game fresh through the last ten years, I wouldn’t be surprised to be still here writing about it in 2023.

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