New Kickstarter Launched to Fund Artbook for Dusty Revenge: The Art of Revenge

on May 6, 2013 2:49 PM

PD Design Studio created a Kickstarter campaign just last week for a 150-page full color artbook, based off their 2D action-platformer Dusty Revenge: The Art of RevengeĀ (which is at $2,482 right now). The artbook contains concept designs for the characters and environments, evolution of the characters, early environmental design sketches, comics and more.

And since the actual platformer is coming out Summer 2013 for the Mac and PC, it is being offered as a tier reward for the backers. Other lovely rewards include the original soundtrack, prints, and even commissioned artwork. All money raised from the Kickstarter will be used for the creation, printing and distribution of the artbook and for the promotion of Dusty Revenge the game.

The screenshots from the book and game are lush, imaginative, fresh and absolutely gorgeous. As a diehard fan of artbooks, I might contribute to the project myself. If you would like to support the campaign as well, go here to contribute. And just to entice you further, I’ve posted screenshots from both the game and artbook below the Kickstarter pitch video.

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