New Star Citizen Details Focus on the Vanduul

on May 10, 2013 7:51 PM

The major antagonist in Star Citizen and Squadron 42 will be the Vanduul, a warlike race of reptilian aliens. Today we finally learn a bit more about their culture and military organization thanks to an article published on the game’s official site.

As usual the post is a great read, full of flavor and atmosphere, styled like a report on a captured Vanduul carrier named X12. What’s behind the Vanduul’s love for knives? Is there a secret to their apparently undecipherable language? Will they manage to match the feral charm of the Kilrathi?

We’ll possibly get to know by playing the game. In the meanwhile I’d definitely advise to read the full article. Cloud Imperium Games is doubtlessly going to great lengths to add flavor to Star Citizen, and I honestly can’t wait for the next piece of the puzzle.


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