More Final Fantasy XIV Character Artwork Comes From Microsoft Partnership

The promotional Partnership between Microsoft and Square Enix to jointly promote Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Windows 8/Internet Explorer 10 is in full swing, and today it brought two more awesome pieces of  character concept artwork by Akihiko Yoshida from it.

The first is a lovely Miqo’te bard, while the second is a rather imposing Elzen (at least I think he’s an Elzen, it’s kind of hard to say) Dragoon.

Many are wondering if there’s more hidden behind this partnership, like a release of the game on the next Xbox console, but for now nothing really indicates that possibility. Everything seems to point to the fact that the game was never announced on the 360 was due to Xbox Live’s policies and those aren’t very likely to radically change with the next console that will be announced soon.

It’s more likely that Microsoft Japan simply wants to push Windows 8 in the country, and a strong Japanese-made MMORPG on PC would definitely give them an edge in this task. But enough theorycrafting. You can enjoy the artwork itself in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

If you want to leave your “footprint” in the text art that is at the center of the partnership you can do so by following the instructions here. Today’s theme is “What job would you want implemented in FFXIV?”

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  • Mjollnir

    i heard Microsoft have a new console out soon, perhaps that’s why ARR was never slated for release on the X360… PERHAPS!

    • Mmmh doubt it. Everything is possible but I simply don’t see it as likely due to how Xbox Live policies work.

      • Ellis

        Then why the trouble to form a partnership? Yes, i understand the publicity for both parties involved but there has to be more to gain than just advertisement. As I don’t doubt your expertise in this matter …. there is more to this than we have read or heard. *Love Speculating*

        • This is actually a pretty common marketing practice. It’s called co-marketing and it’s normally exactly just a matter of publicity and exposure.

          You say “why the trouble”, but this is exactly the point. It’s no trouble at all, as it allows two companies whose target is similar to split the expense for events and marketing with the same effect, augmented by the fact that each brand is exposed to the other’s userbase. Basically spend less, gain more. It’s very advantageous for both and it keeps the marketing spend lower (or it makes the same marketing spend more effective).

          SE has a lot to gain from windows-based PCs getting widespread in Japan, and Microsoft has a lot to gain from a strong Japanese-made MMORPG launching successfully. From that point of view Windows 8 and Final Fantasy XIV are a match made in heaven for the Japanese market.

          That’s also why you don’t see the same partnership outside Japan. Microsoft doesn’t really needs to associate itself with FFXIV worldwide, because the Windows market is already strong.

          I understand you love speculating, but this is the most likely scenario. Of course you never know, but I would not hold my breath for anything further than this 😀

          • Ellis

            Well said ……. Thank you. 🙂

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