Killer is Dead Gets a Japanese Release Date and Sexy Preorder Bonuses, Alongside Screenshots and a Video

on May 16, 2013 5:32 AM

Kadokawa Games just announced the Japanese release date of the upcoming slash action game by Grasshopper Manufacture Killer is Dead. The title will hit the shelves for PS3 and Xbox on August the 1st.

Those that will preorder the game will also receive a rather sizable batch of bonuses that will include a mission titled “Episode 51: The man that claimed the blood”, a gigolo mission featuring the beautiful Mondo Girl Betty (that is actually a 256 years old vampire) and a pair of special Gigolo glasses named “Super Mondoai” (probably a pun based on “Mondai” that means “Problem”).

The Super Mondoai are different from the “Cat’s eyes” glasses given by the sexy nurse Scarlett. The Cat’s Eyes can be shattered by the Mondo Girls during a gigolo mission, while the Super Mondai cannot be broken, allowing the player to enjoy the X-ray glasses action undisturbed.

Below you can see the new “Kid TV” episode showing off the preorder bonuses in action, and a gallery of related screenshots.

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