New Monster Hunter Online Info and Screenshots Showcase the Gendrome and the Genprey

Tencent published a few new pieces of info and a batch of screenshots about another of the boss monsters that we’ll find in Monster Hunter Online, the Gendrome.

The desert-dwelling alpha of the raptor-like Genprey is coming back with a vengeance sporting a fighting style similar to what we’re used to, with a few new moves: Charge is  a powerful lounge towards the unfortunate hunters, while biting them with its poisonous jaws and slashing with sharp claws. Call for Help is another nasty customer, as it causes the Gendrome to roar, calling its Genprey friends into the battle.

Pounce allows the Gendrome to jump high into the air and slam down on the hunters to crush them under its own weight. Dust Attack kicks some dust in the face of the unfortunate hunter, showing the cunning nature of the monster.

Below you can see four new screenshots of the Gendrome, and in the last one you can even see a Genprey that came to help the leader of its pack.

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  • Ha Ha WiiU go home! We do not need your MH3 Ultimate anymore…This’s what we need! Capcom shame on you! You’re so lazy and you just lost your golden egg chicken by selling it to chinese.From now on never will be same again…Monster Hunter from Capcom is DEAD! Well Done China

    • They didn’t “sell” it. It’s a license, which means that Capcom still makes money off it, at the very least.

      • Yeah maybe you’re right but with this move Capcom just proved that they do not care about us/gamers but for the money.Period

        I wish that Monster Hunter on Playstation because PSN is free and everyone could enjoy this beauty.Imagine this game on PS4 with no fee multiplayer and Next-Gen graphics,so the cross-chat.But because Capcom laziness we probably never going to see this,and that’s the saddest part of this story:( I have to play my copy Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my PS Vita because of that and I wan’t some fresh game from Monster Hunter universe,by fresh I mean new,not Tri on steroids from WiiU…

        • And playing online on PC is not free?

          • Sure it is,but PC cost a bit more than a console;-) Especially for CE3 and such a graphics for MMO,so I’ll prefer consoles.I don’t have to change components from time to time.