New Monster Hunter Online Info and Screenshots Introduce the The Yian Kut-Ku

If you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter series you probably already know the Yian Kut-Ku, compact but powerful fire breathing bird wyvern monsters that have appeared multiple times in the games belonging to the franchise.

According to today’s announcement from Chinese MMO giant Tencent, they’ll make a comeback in Monster Hunter Online, with a vengeance.

The Yian Kut-Ku will have four specific attacks: with Dash they will hurl themselves at the hunters, using their own weight and inertia as a weapon. They will often fall to the ground after the attack. Fireball Breath does exactly what it says on the tin, spitting four consecutive fireballs that will cover a fanning area in front of the monster. Wyvern Attack will cause the Yian Kut-Ku to charge in rage, combining fire-based attack and physical ones. Pecking is a continuous attack with their beak, strong enough to be used to dig in the ground or break tree trunks.

Together with the announcement Tencent also released four lovely screenshots, that you can see below.

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