New Camelot Unchained Concept Art and Video Show Banshees, Animation Cycles

It’s been a little while since when I had a chance to post about Camelot Unchained, but today City State Entertainment posted a new update, showing more early-production assets about the successfully kickstarted RvR MMORPG.

We got some lovely pieces of concept art showing ideas for everyone’s favorite screaming undead: the banshee, and a few animation cycles showcasing a┬áTuatha De Danann model as he rolls and tumbles┬áto figure out approximate timing, core game play, and cape interaction.

The official backers’ forums are also up and running, and backers are being invited to it in batches. As any MMORPG forum, conversation is already quite lively and spirited, and hopefully it’ll serve as a forge for good ideas that could go into the game.

Finally, the PayPal donation page is soon going to be discontinued, so if you want to contribute to the game’s funding and get your backer’s rewards, you still can, but the chance won’t last much longer. but without further ado, I’ll let the assets speak.

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