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Monster Hunter Online Gets New Info and Screenshots, Cephadrome Unveiled

by on May 31, 2013 11:27 AM 2

In the day of the reveal of the release date of next numbered chapter of the Monster Hunter franchise, we also get a new batch of info about the upcoming MMORPG Monster Hunter Online.

More information on the Chinese beta test will be revealed next week, but we learn that selection for the earlier phases will be made through a test of knowledge on the franchise, spanning all the chapters of the series on every platform, from basic information to in-depth details.

The purpose of this test is to better target the beta to the core fanbase of the Monster Hunter series and to promote what Tencent calls “Hunting Culture”. Of course selection process won’t be limited to knowledge of the franchise, but will also take in consideration system configuration, personal gaming history, network conditions, and many other elements

The publisher believes that this is a better method to select the best testers than a simple online application form. Honestly I definitely agree, and I wish more MMORPG developers did the same when selecting their early beta testers.

In addition to this, Tencent also announced that while the game will be developed using CryEngine 3, the game won’t require a top notch PC to be played. The client will be fully optimized to run smoothly on mid-range machines using current mainstream CPUs and video cards. Specific hardware requirements will be shared soon.

But that’s not all, as we also get the unveiling of another of the alpha monsters we’ll have to face in the game: the Cephadrome.

The Cephadrome is the big brother of the Cephalos species, and is able to literally swim in the sand. It will be one of the biggest threats to those willing to brave the recently unveiled Thunder Sands desert, especially due to its aggressive temperament.

This letal but graceful brute will have several attacks at its disposal: with Sand Waves Leap the Cephadrome will dive in the sand and them burst out in the air, attacking hunters with a powerful bite. Underground Assault will be a sort of “submarine” attack, with which the monster will charge at its enemies while submerged in the sand, causing massive impact damage.

Iron Cannon will let the Cephadrome spit solidified sand  from its massive jaw, causing impact damage and slowing down hunters at the same time. Finally, Soaring Slam will be a more powerful version of Sand Waves Leap, causing the monster to jump even higher and slam with its whole weight on its unfortunate opponents.

Below you can see a gallery of freshly released screenshots, including a few views of the Cephadrome’s attacks.


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  • thiswebsitesucks

    Feeww, lucky, i almost bought a nintendo to buy this but from expierence with the tri version Wii i really hate to play with all this young gamers and sucky online mode.

    The controls will be much better on pc version because i can turn camera faster around with the mouse then any gamepad.

    bring it out NOW, NOW

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