New Star Citizen Details about Earth Shared

on June 1, 2013 5:11 PM

Cloud Imperium Games released a nice big Star Citizen update yesterday, showcasing our dear old Earth and what she’ll look like in game’s universe. Suffice to say that things have changed, and the vision we’re shown is borderline dystopian, with Earth’s government basically holding the Empire in a semi-dictatorial stranglehold that chokes commercial profits and places those that aren’t born on the mother planet in an inferior condition.

In addition to that we also get an in-depth guide to three of the major starport cities on the planet: New York, Moscow and Shanghai.

Below you can see four lovely pieces of concept art portraying those three cities and you can head to the official website to read all the info. It’s a great read, so I’d definitely advise to take your time with it.

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