Killer is Dead Premium Edition Content Gets New Details and Several Screenshots

on June 3, 2013 10:05 AM

We already know that Killer is Dead is going to get a free Premium Edition (that we previously reported on here) in Japan, and today Kadokawa Games released more info about it, alongside a rather large batch of new screenshots.

During the mission “The Man that Claims Blood” we’ll get to meet another character besides the German 256 years old vampire Betty: Sebastian. “Meet” is actually an euphemism, since the middle aged gentleman named Sebastian is Mondo’s target, and hides a much more disturbing form.

We also learn about two of the enemies that we’ll encounter during the mission: two kinds of floating eyeballs named Dark Eye and Red Eye. Red Eyes are especially dangerous because besides the sharp spikes protruding from their form, they also explode when killed, so they need to be fought with caution.

The mission will also open two secondary missions named “The Contemplation of the Bat” and “Traditional Liqueur”, centered around Sebastian and his passion for fine wines.

You can check out the full gallery below.


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