E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III PC Version Hinted by Tetsuya Nomura

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III Director Tetsuya Nomura just dropped a bomb at the end of his interview on the Square Enix Presents E3 livestream.

When asked by the interviewer for a confirmation on the release of the two games on PS4 and Xbox One, he was quick to point out:

Yes, Correct, but again DirectX 11 is the tool that we’re using and whichever hardware which has a compatibility with that tool, we can keep it consideration.

That’s a pretty obvious hint to the possibility of a PC release for the two upcoming Square Enix flagship titles, especially considering that PC is the only remaining platform capable of supporting DirectX 11. It’s also interesting that Nomura-san wasn’t directly asked about other platforms by the interviewer, but touched the topic on its own initiative.

PC gamers might not be getting Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but there might be better things coming their way sometimes in the future.


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  • DeadorRock

    FFXV on PC, that would be AWESOME! Make it happen Square Enix.

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  • Darkerson

    I hope they do this. We havent had a PC version of the numbered, non-MMO games since 7 and 8.

  • Fiif

    Even though this in no one confirms it and looking at there history it would still be unlikely. This post has made my day. At least I might not have to pay 400 euro to play one game:P

  • Rolf

    I wish. I don’t play console games. I’ve emulated every KH game so far. I am not buying a console just so I can play KH3. If it comes out on PC then I’ll definitely be playing it the day it comes out.

    • chipsndips

      Freaking pirate…

      • Rolf


        • chipsndips

          Not really, but pirating the game instead of supporting a series you’re roaching from is pretty trashy, especially when the gaming industry isn’t doing that hot at the moment.

          It’s not personal, but I’m letting you know that I frown upon the behavior. You can go act all proud of it again.

          • Rolf

            If it came out on PC, I’d be happy to buy it.

            However, I am not going to buy a console just to play a few games, when I can emulate them. If a game I am interested in comes out on PC, I will buy it. Otherwise, I will pirate and emulate it.

          • SheTheCrucible

            You can emulate the games without pirating them. Ethically, it would be best to both buy and emulate the games.

            Also, if you want to send a clear message of PC support. It might be a good idea to do something like take a picture of your game and your PC emulating the game. With a note say that “I emulate these games because I cannot play them on the PC normally. Please release this game for the PC.”

            That would send a pretty strong message to developers that porting their game to the PC is important. And that emulation isn’t a piracy thing, it is a PC gaming thing. I strongly believe that the main cause of emulation is PC gaming in a market where Japanese developers have largely ignored the PC.

          • Rolf

            I can’t say I’d buy the game, just so I can download and then play it. I am not sure I concern myself with ethics so much, more of a “I’m not paying $400 for a console just to play one game”. I am not a big gamer, I don’t wait in lines for the newest game. However, I rather enjoy Kingdom Hearts, just not enough to spend $400 playing it.

            You don’t bring up a bad point, however about taking a screenshot of the emulator. I don’t really know anyone I could send it to that would send a message, but it’s worth a shot.

          • IDontCareEnoughToLie

            This guy says it better than I could

            You can go back to your smug self-righteousness afterwards.


      • SheTheCrucible

        Emulation is not the same as piracy.

        Emulation is more akin to just PC gaming in general. Or some other platform, considering that emulators don’t only exist for PCs. But they primarily exist for PCs.

        Emulation is a necessity born out of the fact lots of games don’t come out for the platforms that people want to play games on. Piracy did not create emulation. Console exclusivity of games in a world where many instead wanted to play on the PC created emulation. Emulation reflects a long untapped market for video games of a certain variety on other platforms.

        To say that emulation is piracy is like saying that PC gaming is piracy. What are PC gamers supposed to have done for all these years when so many great games are console exclusive?

        • jeco0357

          Owning the actual game cd is viewed under trail or lawsuit as a physical licesne so thats a pretty good border. If you emulated the game without a physical Cd then you are pirating if you emulate with a cd then you are “protecting your product”.

    • Anon

      Cool story, try emulating it when it comes out on console.

      • Rolf

        Considering the architecture of the PS4, it is likely it will be extremely easy to emulate. We will definitely have PS4 and XBO emulators before the PS3 or XB360.

        • Анальный Злоумышленник

          Because they both use hardware reminiscent of current-gen PC ?

          • Rolf

            The architecture is extremely similar. The processor in both is on the x86 architecture.

          • Анальный Злоумышленник

            Oh, so basically it’s a high-end PC we’re talking about… Hmm… If to take into account the speed or PC hardware improving with pretty much each two months we’re gonna be able to emulate these babies without much of a problem near the end of 2010s.
            But there’re gonna be major problems with security systems which inevitably be present… It’s no longer as easy as to emulate good old PS2 or Dreamcast, is it ?

          • Rolf

            The PS4 and the XBO are essentially using low-mid range gaming hardware that we’d have today. The only difference is that the hardware used is tailor suited to run with eachother, and the software is custom built to run the hardware as efficiently as possible. However, with current technology, a mid range gaming computer should be able to emulate them without much issue.

            It is extremely easy to emulate the PS2 and the Dreamcast, because the hardware bridge between those and currently hardware is so distant that we can make up for the lack of compatible architecture.

            The PS3 and the Xbox360, however, are built on such a foreign architecture that emulating them on current PC gaming hardware will likely never even be close to working, or not worth working on.

          • Анальный Злоумышленник

            You’re into this stuff ?

          • Rolf

            I build custom gaming computers as a profession.

      • ileen ramos

        your wrong dont forget the ps4 and xbox one are based on the x86 design that means pc power.

  • ColdK

    This would be AMAZING! PERIOD!

  • Leon8524

    I would be so happy if they did this!

  • Sephiroth

    I really hope we PC owners get to play a non multiplayer Final Fantasy game after FF VIII. Do it Square Enix

  • DomoPlays

    I need kingdom hearts III on PC i just in IT!!!!

  • Logan Graham

    My computer would have to be the best in the universe to play KH 3.

  • Matthew Pudenz

    As one of my all time favorite game developers. Please Square Enix. My current rig is already set up for DirectX 11.2 as its base support so please make FFXV for pc. and if you would happen to start encoding kingdom hearts 3 for pc as well, That would make 2013s games dust in the wind and blow my mined at the same time!