E3 2013: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Shares Relevant Details on PlayStation Plus Requirement for Multiplayer on PS4

A lot of questions are being asked by the fans on the caveats of the PlayStation Plus requirements for multiplayer with the upcoming PS4, and Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida provided some straight answers as part of a wider interview on the Japanese gaming site Game Watch.

First of all Yoshida-san was very clear in reassuring customers that “multiplayer on PS3 and PS Vita will remain free of charge” as it is now, then he moved on to explain the reasons behind the move towards a required subscription model for the PS4.

We’re focusing on new services and online, like the “Share” button I previously mentioned and the ability to play using mobile devices with the cloud feature. Our plan is to continue to invest in the future, but investing like this is not compatible with our previous policy that  involved reducing costs by every mean to keep the service free.

He also went as far as to apologize for placing an additional cost on the customers’ wallets:

I apologize for the financial burden on our users, but on PS4 it’ll also provide early access to beta versions, free games and discounts like on PS3 and PS Vita. In addition to that PS Plus members will receive for free a special edition with slightly reduced functions of DriveClub.

Interestingly enough he made sure to specify that not all online functions will be closed to those that will decide to opt-out from subscribing to the PS Plus services.

While direct competition in real time won’t be possible [without PS Plus] for instance in the case of DriveClub, asynchronous online gameplay and receiving data from other players will still be free of charge.

Finally, he was asked if players will need a PS Plus subscription to play MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Elder Scrolls Online:

You will need it to enjoy online multiplayer.
This will also depend on the judgement by the publishers, and there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription, like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online.

That’s quite a lot of interesting info from Yoshida-san, that has definitely been very vocal lately. Our very own Chad thinks that it’s ok to pay for online multiplayer; how do you feel about it?

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    it don’t seem all that bad paying for something you know what your getting in return but PS+ is ever evolving so who knows it might get better as time goes on its still a new subscription but as a fan of SONY and there consoles dating back to PS1.


    SONY treats its customers with respect as they know they are why they themselves even exist.

    MS on the other hand have both eyes on your credit card/bank account. Buy their console and after 8 years if they pull the plug on their servers you will be left with a brick that sucked money out of you for years with nothing left to show for it!

    • The Last of U

      $400 + $60 (+$250) = $460 ($710)

      A sneaky snake-oil marketing scheme is stealing more.

      NO THANKS, BUT Thanks SONY!

      • First of all, the camera isn’t going to be a necessity like Kinect is. Don’t want it, don’t buy it. And second, where is this extra $250 coming from?

        • The Last of U

          Remote playing via PSVita for die-hard playstation drones who believe that PS Vita is the second coming of next gen.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Your adding in the Vita which is optional. Your adding in the Eye which is optional. You don’t need the Vita to enjoy the PS4. If existing Vita owner do want that extra optional functionality. They are making it easier for you to do that. Stop spreading FUD

          • Hannibal G

            WHY are you mentioning the price of the Vita? Thats like someone mentioning the price of a TV to play it on or a surround sound system. Are you really that stupid?

          • Wow conspiracy Sony

            thats not true at all. to get the full ps4 experience you need the vita, Jack basically said that in the presser. The thing is at least MS is up front about it. Sony is the one charging for extra peripherals that come with the XB1 (Kinect, the PSEye you gotta buy).

          • Carl

            Actually, what he said was that the Vita and PS4 will be fully compatible, allowing for inter-connectivity and the ability to provide optional extras – like remote play (a feature already available on PS3 with both the PSP and Vita, but limited mostly to PSone games available on the store) with almost all games. This isn’t a requirement, but it means that I can go to Germany, take my Vita with me and, when I have access to wifi, access the PS4 remotely and play either the game disc in the machine or any games on the HDD. Now that is seriously cool, IMO.

            But it’s not a requirement to get the best out of the machine, to imply such is, quite bluntly, a lie. I have an iPad and often write lengthy documents on it whilst traveling. I have bought a Bluetooth keyboard for this, but it isn’t essential as the iPad has a digital keyboard. It’s an optional extra, just as the Vita is optional. If you wish to include optional extras, where do we draw the line? The best HDMI cables money can buy? Disc cleaning kits?

          • Manoj Varughese

            What’s your issue actually? A little butthurt after how things went in the E3?

          • violents

            how is that a “fishy tactic”? The psvita was supposed to be able to do that with ps3 too but the devs arent supporting it. By making it mandatory on every ps4 game they will automaticially get the vita support it so desparetly needs and probably sell more because of it everyone wins.
            Jeez man troll somewhere else, i dont go on MS articles and spout off a bunch of garbage.

          • Jusino

            HAHA your arguments are invalid!

            Go buy the Xbox One you’re going to regret it in less then 6 month.

          • Yusuf Leuer

            So to fully enjoy an Xbox One you need to pay for Xbox Live $50, have an internet connection $50 a month, have space in your house to actually use the kinect, $2,000 home improvement costs. Need to buy a Surface tablet to do mobile gaming, $500.

      • JAFFMAN

        First impressions last.

        My first impression of the XBone is that it is overtly restrictive and convoluted!

        My first impression of the PS4 is that its less restrictive and more simple than the XBone.

        Money is not the main driver here, its how the customer feels they are being treated by massive corps!

      • disqus_z2HHOLbqlv

        did you add in all the free games? thats 12 a year bro

        • The Last of U

          The “Free” games is not physically belong to you, it’s on the cloud.
          You have to always be a PSN+ slave to retain the games every year.
          If you broke or don’t re-sub then say goodbye to all of those games, forever.

          • andy

            pretty sure if u dont renew the subscription your games dont “disapear” you just have to renew the subscription and all the games you got before are stilll on the account.

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Wrong. The game remains free as long as you have a subscription just like Netflix remains active on Xbox as long as your subscribed to XBL. When you re-sub to PS+…All your games you got from the program are there..They don’t disappear even IF they are no longer promoted as game of the month. If you don’t have internet for PS+….you can always play offline and just buy the game yourself at your local retailer.

          • Tyler

            Its Ps Plus not psn+ and seriously your going to say that free games arent worth it because you technically dont own them lol. If you cant afford $50 a year for free games which would add up to hundreds of dollars than i feel bad for you.

          • Anthony

            I’d just like to clarify some things since I can see you haven’t used PSN+ before. First, if you purchase a game using a PSN+ discount you actually do keep the game forever, even if you cancel your subscription.

            Secondly, if your subscription does break and you don’t re-sub, you don’t lose those games forever. Once you re-sub you get access to all of your “free” games you had during the course of your subscription. This information is available everywhere online if anyone would like to double-check. Hope that helps!

          • Troy Beissel

            The “free” games from PSN are all indie/arcade games and once your PSN+ subscription lapses you lose access to them until you re-subscribe.

            Xbox’s 2 free games for Gold members per month are older BLOCKBUSTER games like Fable 3, Assassin’s Creed 2… etc and if your Gold membership lapses you still retain access to those games. They’re yours for as long as they’re supported by Xbox even if you never upgrade to Gold ever again.

          • Venomancer

            Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD, Okami HD, Demon’s Souls, Uncharted 3, Littlebigplanet 2, Dead or Alive 5, Infamous 2, and the countless other AAA games released on the PS+ deal are indie or arcade now?

            Your comments are intriguing. And wrong. Actually, mostly just wrong.

          • Troy Beissel

            I stand corrected then if that’s what Sony is doing now but for the several months I bought a PS+ membership myself it was all indie and arcade stuff I had little interest in. The only game I got “free” during my stint as a PS+ member that interested me was Hydrophobia. But now that I am no longer a PS+ member I can no longer play it. So it’s only “free” for as long as I pay for a PS+ membership.

          • sciazs

            LOL nice games. They just made Uncharted 3 free as of today.. along with XCOM, kingdoms of amalur, Catherine, infamous 2, demon souls, LotR: War of the North, ICO / Shadow of the Colossus HD remaster and a bunch of other Vita / PSN (for the ps3) indie games. Free games rotate every month. Have fun with those games tryhard. Get your facts right 🙂

          • hiddensanctum

            They made Catherine Free!? damn I missed out on that one =[

          • Troy Beissel

            Operative words there in your post being “as of today”. Obviously Microsoft and Sony re trying to one up each other so Microsoft comes out and gives us older AAA titles for free. Sony responds by doing the same thing now… Prior to this all the “free” games were in fact indie and arcade titles… at least that’s all I ever saw when I was a PS+ member.

          • badz149

            “The “Free” games is not physically belong to you, it’s on the cloud.”

            No they aren’t. you clearly doesn’t know anything about PS+ so stop talking or research about it properly 1st! FREE games you get from PS+ are downloaded and installed into your HDD and during your subscription period, you can play those FREE games anytime you want, even if your console is offline! best thing is, all the other accounts (even those not PS+ members) on the same PS3 can use those FREE contents FREELY without restriction.

            “f you get broke or don’t re-sub then say goodbye to all of those games, forever (including games you purchased)”

            FREE games will not be playable until you resubscribe but EVERYTHING you bought at discounted prices during your last subscription that already expired – full games, DLC etc. will be yours to keep without the need to resubscribe! All FREE avatars and dynamic themes are yours to keep too.

            seriously man…stop spreading BS!

          • told ya

            Thats not true, you’re an idiot.
            If you buy anything or download any free game on PS+ YOU HAVE TO BE SIGNED IN to use it. If you cancel you lose all rights to those games. Even downloaded to your HDD sony blocks access. Happened to my roommate. It is exactly like XB1 is going to do already implemented

          • kupomogli

            @tolda ya

            You only have to be logged in to play four digital only games on PSN. Tekken Dark Resurrection Online, Final Fight Double Impact, Warhawk, and Bionic Commando Rearmed. Every other game, digital or not, can be played offline.

            When you resubscribe to PS+, any game you’ve purchased for free will be playable, and if not on your hard drive, can be will be able to be redownloaded from the downloads list.

          • ja red

            you just said exactly what he said, and called him an idiot for it:

            FREE PSN+ downloaded to your system are unplayable when your subscription expires…. Anything you paid money for, even heavily discount games for PSN+ members are not taken from you…..this was said by someone above, the part in parenthesis is not true….”””If you don’t re-sub then say goodbye to all of those games, forever (including games you purchased)”””

          • Ariel Rodriguez

            i have bought games on psn many games and i am no longer a ps+ member yet i can still play them please explain that capt. fanboy

          • Carl

            Odd, I was playing my PSPlus copy of Infamous 2 last week for three hours whilst my Internet was down and I wasn’t logged in. Clearly, you know nothing about PSPlus except what you want to believe. Idiot.

          • jeremiah

            actually if u purchase games with playstation plus discount u get to keep them but I still think it is sad that u don’t own the “free” games forever.

          • spydah

            ur an xbone player ur contradicting urself

          • Wiiner

            Haha this guy. Damage Control at it’s finest.

      • haha

        I guess minorities aren’t people huh? Majority rules, but that doesn’t make them right all the time and if that 60 dollars is referring to the online for ps plus it’s only $50 a month, Genius…

        • typomaster3000

          a year* $50 a year remember that.

        • Troy Beissel

          $5 per month x 12 months = $60

          • Raeil

            Every article that says “$5 a month” is wrong, unless the word “under” precedes them. PS+ is $50 for a year long sub. It’s not monthly, it’s yearly. If you choose to go for the 3 month sub, it’s $18 (much like how with Gold a year long sub is $60 and a 3 month sub is $25). To reiterate: At the cheapest standard pricing, Gold is $5 a month, and PS+ is $4.17 a month.

          • Jamie Morris

            You can buy 12 months of Plus for $50 on PSN right now.

      • Bob

        What is the $250 here?

      • NinjaTurtleOfDoom

        PS4 first party titles won’t have DRM.
        Second party titles, I’m guessing won’t have it either, but it’s still the publishers choice.
        Third Party Games will also be up to the publisher.
        It’s not that much better than Microsofts policy, but it’s better than nothing.

        Also, you ever travel? When I travel, and stay at a lodge, cabin, or at an apartment, and I usually don’t get internet. A few weeks ago, my buddy and I stayed at a cabin near the beach. We stayed there for 4 days, without internet. I bought along my PS3 for nightly entertainment. If I had an xbox what would happen then? Myself, who travels frequently, would hate having the xbone. It’s basically a brick after 24 hours.

    • mike

      Go and explain that to the 14yo guy who loves playing halo and cod online,and yelling at his buddies ears via his mic. They won’t listen.

      And the big fanboys, even if they are aware of all the privacy issues, renting games, online check, etc, they hate Sony so much, that they will grab an Xbox one, just to support their beloved brand. Once again, they won’t listen.

      But the day they will start facing all the issues, the day they will want to rent or sell something, the day they want to borrow a game or a console from someone,a friend, cousin, etc,the day he will be facing all those problems, for real, and starts whining and shaking his arms and head, unfortunately, microsoft will be LOL , because the money will already be on their bank account.

      Even if I hate xbots fanboys, I will feel sorry for them. The commercial practices microsoft is going to use are simply incredible, even on movies, or the worst dreams, that would be impossible to exist. But its real, it’s really going to happen.

      This will be the first brick of Microsoft’s dream. A dream where nobody owns anything, a dream where everything is digital, a dream where everything is on a distant server, controlled by microsoft.

      You buy some videos or songs, online? They’re on the server, or cloud. You create a documents, or make photos, you send them to you online account. Nothing is yours, you don’t own nothing.

      You want to access it? Buy windows. What, your 2 yo computer is too old? Buy a new 600$ laptop with the new windows version. You want to modify your document? Buy office. You want to access your photos and music and documents? Pay for a 12 month access via a subscription. Your videos and photos take to much space? Buy extra online space. Want to buy music? Buy them on our store, buy what we want, not what you want. Want to watch a video? You need a Xbox one. Want to buy a new movie? Pay for a subscription. You want watch a Sony pictures movie? Too bad, our catalog don’t have Sony pictures movies. Want to call /phone someone? You need a microsoft product. Sure, buy microsoft minutes on microsoft store. Etc etc. You don’t have the 10 microsoft products and solutions, you don’t have the 4 platinum and gold subscriptions? Too bad, forget about accessing your precious documents, music, emails, conversations, friends, everything.

      This is the perfect world and model, for microsoft. You pay for virtual items that you will never own. Excepting food, every item that can be bought, in the world, will require a microsoft access,contract,subscription, licence.

      The Xbox one is just the first brick, the first open window that will lead to much much worse.

      If people don’t realise what’s going on, If people pride and faith towards a brand is too big, to the point it blinds them, if people embrace and accept what microsoft wants to make, via the Xbox one, if people say no to their rights, for the

      love of halo or gears of war games, if people accept this huge BS, well, we can say there are really dumb people out there.
      how can people accept this?
      How microsoft dares doing this?

      Sorry for this big comment, man 🙂

      • JAFFMAN

        I see those in denial are down voting u already 😉

        • BangBroz

          Everytime you log in to play on PSN+ it screams DRM too but silently. Core gamers who don’t have internet connection and always complain are just a bunch of minorities. Hundreds of million people are always connected every single day in 24HRS, it’s a way of modern life. Most people’d be screamingly mad if they don’t get online nowadays, be it on PC, smartphones, or consoles.

          $400 + $60 (+$250) = $460 ($710)

          A sneaky snake-oil marketing tactic is stealing your money more down the road. ____It outsmarts you!____


          • Jusino

            Wait where that (+$250) came from?

            Xbox One is stealing more money forcing a fee in used games! They are invading your privacy with the kinect! and last but not least I like the option that if I don’t have a internet connection I can still enjoy gaming like it has ALWAYS been.

          • Jim Neerland

            Show me where they are forcing a fee on used games because everything I’ve read states that Sony and Microsoft have the same policy of leaving it up to the publisher. The big thing everyone is up in arms about is the 24 hour check-in. As far as borrowing games to your friends, I wish they were more clear on this. They state you can let up to 10 family members access all of your games on any Xbox One, but how does this happen? I smell a loophole that could let my friends who are miles away access not just one of my games, but all of them…

          • andy

            Microsoft are locking you out of giving a game to a friend as A STANDARD on the Xbone. It is up to the publisher to come up with ways to be allowed to trade a game in with a store and Microsoft have allowed you to to give a game over to a friend and take it off your account ONCE and Once only, your friend can’t give it back to you or on to somebody else like you could on a disc this gen and ALSO THIS is the part where publishers come in and are allowed to do this too if they want. But even if the publisher wants to let you do it multiple times, Microsoft have limited it to once only completely by default.

            Massive massive difference man.

          • Jim Neerland

            Okay so this doesn’t sound interesting to you then?

            All this hate on the Xbox One is over blown on some aspects. According to this I could get 10 people from my friends list to join my “Family group” who live nowhere near me or I don’t actually know and play their games. I could just message all of them and say “I’m buying Dead Rising 3, one of you buy Ryse, one of you buy Quantum Break” etc. and that already cuts the amount of cash I’m spending on games significantly, to the point where reselling them seems pointless and both I and my friends still can access the games we purchase. No need to lend them the physical disc where they can lose it (happened to me before) or scratch it to hell.

      • Manoj Varughese

        There are gamers in the 20s and in their 30s. They don’t bother too.

      • James

        I’m far from an XBox fanboy, but last gen I opted to go with the 360 for a myriad of different reasons. And I would support those reasons if someone poked at them.

        That being said, even as an XBox/360 owner, this time around I am going Playstation (for obvious reasons) and I already catch flak from friends who are die hard MS groupies. Its sad they’re going to lose out on a lot because of their “video game pride”.

      • rudy dj

        You will eat those words later when you see what’s coming down the road,(and its not illumiroom)…sony will have to dot!!!

    • artemisthemp

      I am kinda sad, that you have to pay to play FFXIV on PS4 (beside sub).
      Just lucky that I love PS+

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        that’s not a given. Yesterday Naoki Yoshida said that it has not been decided yet, and they probably need to talk to Sony about that before it’s set in stone.

        • artemisthemp

          I hope Sony will allow Payed MMO to play without require Plus.

          • cakelikeladygaga

            really would be the smartest thing to do. Double dipping customers is not cool. There are already many benefits to having PS+, if DCUO doesn’t require it, other MMOs shouldn’t require it. Since TESO is now being touted as an online multiplayer and no longer an MMO – my assumption is it will require PS+ sub.

    • Chris

      you playstation fanboys really think Sony cares about you that much? LOL they are really good at making you think that and a lot smarter at PR than MS ill give them that but all they care about is profit and their wallets.

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  • extermin8or2

    Oooh so the free to play games don’t need Ps plus meaning they really will still be free to play :p

  • Mjollnir

    Whereas the actual cost of £40 a year doesn’t bother me, what I dislike is the fact that I’m pretty much being forced to hand over my cash as an extra to what’s perceived as standard functionality. I almost would have preferred that the console was announced £20 more expensive packaged with six months of PS+ membership, so it felt like a bonus instead of an additional cost – one that I could spend six months evaluating and then decide if I’d like to continue (from my perspective – more likely)

    I think combined with games that require additional minor content unlocks for cash through DLC (I’m ok with that being the method used for major expansions and cosmetic changes, just not additional quests/characters), it just feels that the already very wealthy gaming industry is using more and more methods to consume our money without giving much back to the world.

    Hey, at least browsing the internet doesn’t require a compulsory subscription…

    • Carl

      Several shops are offering deals like that already – I was in Sheffield yesterday and Game have a PS4, two game and PS plus trial package available for pre-order.

      • Ian

        it’s a small world I was in game at sheff as well lol

      • Manoj Varughese

        I thought Game was closed. The last time I was in UK, heard they were closing down their branches all across.

        • Carl

          No, they survived – and, in fact, bought out gamestation.

    • mike

      Honestly, I think the 50$ we pay for psn+ is a true bargain.

      Not for starting endless fanboys wars, but if you take a Xbox guy, who got his x360 day one, until today, he spent like 7*50-60$, about 400$ , during that period.

      And what did he get(if we don’t talk about the regular network or cross game chat), for that cash? He spent 400 bucks, and microsoft didn’t even give him a 20ct game, for free. Nothing. All these years, absolutely nothing.

      Now, take a psn+ guy. For 50 bucks, he will get tons of free stuff, and huge reductions, special prices, etc. And even if you say the full games Sony give for free, most you already own, there is at least ONE game, during those 12 months, that you will get and enjoy. And that game alone already pays the psn+ price. In 12 months, that makes about 24 full games. It’s impossible to not have at least one game on that list, that you wanted to buy and play.

      As I said above,as an example, the free uncharted golden abyss I got for my vita already paid the psn+ subscription for that year. It’s simply great.

      • kstagg

        I’ve gotten the following games for free as a PS+ member: Call of Duty, Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone, Infamous, Infamous 2 – Just to name a few. Also just picked up Sleeping Dogs this past month.

    • I’ve got to ask, where is that “standard functionality” coming from? The only Free online I know of of any importance in on the desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) side of things. As it is with the new gen, NO console has free free multiplayer. Sony is, again, the lesser evil. Several orders of magnitude less evil than MS.

      • Mjollnir

        Yeah, I guess I grew up playing games online with my PC for no additional cost and was referring to my own perceived “standard functionality” that I had been used to up until this week. I balked at Xbox Live Gold’s subscription requirement (never used it) and approved highly of the PS3’s free multiplayer as a continuation of that ethos. Sad that’s ending with this gen, but as people have pointed out, you get a lot more than just the ability to play games multiplayer with PSN+, so it has certainly made it more appealing.

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  • Kamille

    They convinced me.

    I can still play F2P games without the PS+ subscription! Sony you are gods!

  • Jord Geerts

    While some will be dissapointed, there is no denying the value to be found with PS Plus. Specially as it will be used across the 3 platforms of Sony. Also, respect to them by just anwsering the damn questions! Unlike microsoft where they are like “Eu yea, hmm .. no comment. … maybe and hmm eu” Just anwser the questions!
    Sony, will we be paying for online gaming?
    Sony: yes however, with ps plus across PSV PS3 and PS4, free games, beta and more

    • mike

      Honestly, the 50 bucks it costs, it’s almost nothing. I got uncharted golden abyss for my vita, totally free, via psn+. That game ALONE pays the psn+. But there was a truck full of free games, huge reductions, etc.whenever there is a free item, I press download, once it starts, I cancel.doing so, the item will appear on the download list, and I can download that item later, whenever I want, even if the item isn’t free anymore.

      If only I was as happy when I pay regular monthly bills, as when I pay my psn+ subscription, life would be much better 🙂

      I wish Sony could introduce something like this, on the psn.

      If you have psn+, if you pay 50 extra bucks, you will have :

      – 35% extra reduction, on items between 10cts and 9.99$
      – 30% extra reduction on items between 10$ and 19.99$
      – 25% extra reduction on items between 20$ and 29.99$

      – 20% extra reduction on items above 30$ (full games)

      For those like me, who buy at least a full digital game every 2 months(ex: dishonored, dmc4, mass effect 1, etc etc, and tons of smaller games, extensions (ex: mass effect 2 and 3,etc), it would be awesome. We would only need to buy 3 full games, and the 50$ we’ve paid, are back. I’m sure, in 12 months, I would save at least 100-150$, which is amazing and a quite big amount of cash, and could be used to buy many other games.

      What do you guys tho about the idea?

      The guys who would get this, are ‘big’ gamers who buy a lot of content, maybe Sony margins would be slightly reduced by a few bucks, on the purchased items, on the other hand, Sony would sell many other items, that would become much more interesting for buyers. At the end, they win, gamers win.
      There are about 80 million ps3. Maybe 20-30 millions have psn+. If 5 million guys pay those extra 50 bucks, it would make 250 million $ right into Sony pockets.even if they give like 35%(80 million) to the game makers/publishers, that would still make 160 millions for Sony. Would they say no? I don’t think so. And maybe tons of guys who hesitate getting psn+, would find it much more interesting and appealing , and would make the move.

      I wish we could submit some ideas to Sony.

      That’s an humble idea, of course:)

      • Aaron
        • mike

          You’re a cool guy.thanks

      • Red

        its funny cause you STILL need online to use these things, but wasnt it all of you people complaining about being online in the first place? oh and those are digitial games…which you cant sell, trade or load.. so yeah, all of the contradictions.

        • mike

          Being online with nothing free, absolutely nothing
          Being online and having tons of free stuff to play

          I prefer the second option

          Like you, having a party,inviting lots of friends,spending cash on rent, food, drinks,etc, and not expecting someone will offer you something.

          And when you expect the less, all of them bring you a gift. Will you spit on it and not accept it?

          Psn+, it’s almost insane and immoral, all the stuff we get for free,for so little money. We almost feel like thieves, grabbing everything we can, during the time the items/games cost 0$, instead of the regular price.

          Even if the games stop working when the subscription ends, we will have played everything, whenever we wanted.
          And since I will always have psn+, not a problem here. If it was possible, I would buy a 5 or 10 year subscription.

    • Manoj Varughese

      Deal with it – says Microsoft.

  • mike

    the only question I have, right now, which for me, is really important, is:
    Is the ps4 using SATA 3 for its hard drive? What is the size limit, if we want to upgrade it?

    Today, we can buy 2TB 2.5″ hard drives. It would be perfect as an upgrade.
    Also, we can buy SSD for not to much, today.on the ps3, using ssd was useless, due to the sata 1 connection. But if the ps4 can handle SATA 3 drivers, it means we could use SSD drives, and have a real gain on disc access, loading the game, etc etc.

    So please, dualshockers team, can you ask someone at Sony, if the ps4 uses SATA3 ?

    • ChadAwkerman

      I’ll certainly get a note in to Sony and inquire for you! Not sure how long before I get a reply, they’re a bit busy this week. 🙂

      • mike


        Great. This is something most ps3 gamers would like to know. If you can have that info, prepare your web servers for thousands connections 🙂

        When I see my 2 computers on W8(DAW, no gaming), the first, ssd,and the other, ‘normal’, and boot time goes from 12 to 40 seconds, I imagine a nice 240GB ssd on the ps4, with ultra fast boot, loading games, textures, etc, playing videos, loading and displaying hundreds of thumbnails (pictures) in 1/10 second, fast rewind/jog dial on videos, ultra smooth slow motion, maybe photo editing with many effects, trophies display, etc etc. SSD would be awesome.

        Thanks in advance.

        PS. It would be nice if the ps4 comes with a few 4K trailers, even if downscaled and played in 1080p, so people can watch them AND know the ps4 will handle 4K video. If you can ask it as well, it would be great. Maybe they will say ‘Hey, Chad, that’s a really good idea,i will talk about that to X guy/service/department ‘ 🙂

        Even if it uses 5-10Gb of space, we can still delete them later.

    • XtraTrstrL

      I keep seeing articles stating it’ll be 500GB, nothing on SATA, though I’d assume in 2013 they’d be going with SATA 3. I also read it was replaceable, though they didn’t mention if it was proprietary or standard HDD format, I’d also assume it’s standard that you can replace with any other HDD like PS3.

      Don’t forget, you can also go for a 1TB Hybrid SSD for much cheaper than SSD, that once you’ve used it for a week or 2 on PS4 it would learn the common drive access pattern and speed up way beyond a regular SATA 3, not exactly SSD speed, but close enough for console use, and for only very slightly above regular HDD price. This seems to be a decent 1TB Hybrid SSD http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Solid-Hybrid-2-5-Inch-ST1000LM014/dp/B00B99JUBQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371064654&sr=8-1&keywords=hybrid+ssd

  • Andrew

    I’m already a Plus member so this really is not a problem for me.

  • leejohnson222

    i can see certain games giving 1 month / 2 month trials of PSN+ free or even with the PS4 Console on launch just so you can see what there is on offer. At least its optional. Also at least this is all clear and up front, no vague statements or just silence.

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  • Ritsujun

    PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That’s 60+ free games per year.
    Lots of discounts.
    1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
    Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
    Free themes, free avatars.
    Access to closed betas and early demos.
    Full game trials.

    It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free (Driveclub’s one of them) on PS+ at PS4 launch.
    I’m expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.


      MS want to charge 60+ a game that cannot be played in 10 years time if they no longer support the daily verification of games on the XBone if they are no longer stay in the console business.

      Then what really is the difference between a collection of PS+ games and XBone full price games. The XBone is far too much of a risk bearing in mind I still have an original PS and play the odd game on it!

      • DFS

        What’s the difference? Seriously? If we accept a 10 year lifespan on both consoles, after which we lose access to the games, you’re looking at a cost of $600 over that decade in either case. With Xbone, you’re getting 10 AAA games. With PS+, assuming a release of at least 6 games a month (more if you also own a Vita), you’re getting 720 games. Even if you only play 1 game out of the 6 released per month, you’re still getting 120 games for the cost of 1 full priced Xbone title a year. From a cost of ownership stance, you’ve got barely anything invested in them. And that’s not even addressing the savings on non-freebie titles. Just last night I got a $5 bonus discount on a game from PS+, which just paid for this month’s subscription cost.

        • you are dumb i am smart

          Have you used PS+??? all the free games are a year + old. they dont offer new games for free, so you either wait and see or buy the games your still investing the same amount.

          • Tucker Monticelli

            Ugh thats not true, Journey was $16 on launch and it was $11 for PS+. A lot of games are also full Demos at launch.

          • DFS

            Didn’t I just say in my previous post that I did use PS+? If you have to play every single game the day it’s released, PS+ is not for you, but for the majority of people that don’t play every single game immediately, PS+ offers a ton of games you probably missed the first time around. That’s not to mention the extra discounts you get for PS+. A while back there was an indie sale. For everyone, the titles were 50% off, but for PS+ users they were 75% off instead. They do stuff like this all the time. It’s great savings that more than pay for the service.

      • Edonus

        the 24 hour check in thing is blown out of proportion. Look….. if you have to pay to play MP on line you already have verified with your actions you can meet the requirements of the check in. Games are starting require online anyway. Like Watch Dogs Destiny and AC4…. if you dont have an internet connection you cant play them…. these are big games and you can only imagine more will follow suit.

        Free games are nice as a bonus but I am not buying these console for the goodie bags. I am here for the real stuff.

        And why would you think you wouldnt be able to play the games in 10 years. You have a license to the content assigned to you you will probably just be able to download it off of an archive server or the game will be free anyway with in 10 years.

    • Jack V

      PS+ is better than Xbox Live Gold

      And you don’t need to pay to use the media Apps on PS4, meanwhile on Xbox Live you have to pay.

    • Sony is evil

      you better keep your ps3 if you want to play older ps games until gaikai is released

      • Ritsujun

        Why would you wanna trade in your PS3? There’re still tons of exclusives to be released on PS3. You must be one of those hipsters that get rid of old stuff as soon as something new’s out right?

        • Serhend Adil Sirkecioglu

          hipsters are the otherway around.

  • craig

    when u consider all the extras you get FREE,let me repeat FREE on ps+, if you have a ps3 or ps4 u should have ps+,stupid if you dont imo

    • Edonus

      Since you pay for it it isnt free but I feel ya.

      • Tucker Monticelli

        Usually the discount outweighs the price of subscription. Hints making it a good deal.

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  • XtraTrstrL

    Ok, I was very upset when I first heard we had to go through a paywall to play any game online on PS4. This interview made it seem alot less bad though, and if Warframe is one of those free-to-play games that will work online without PS+ I’ll be very happy, and maybe even purchase PS+ shortly after getting a PS4.

  • ariessiren

    If you complain about paying for online after all Sony is doing for you, after ps3/ vita was and still is free, you are just complaining just to complain. New console, cloud, share etc and free games which ms never does…yeah get real. Online is optional, not mandatory. Get over it

  • Jack V

    PS+ is better than Xbox Live Gold in a long term if you compare.
    Finally Sony is going into full force for online gaming.

  • Trioxine245

    During this current gen. I’ve been an Xbox guy. Never had any problem with the PS3, in fact I wanted one badly, but could only justify buying one system, so I chose Xbox. With all the new facts coming out about the Xbox One and PS4 I can firmly say I’m changing teams. I had the first two playstations and loved them, with MS showing its true colors, i think its time to come home to PS

  • kstagg

    Please help me understand. As a PS3 owner, I have Vudu, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Movies, etc… all for free. I just pay for their services. I don’t pay for the actual “app” itself to be on the console. But is it true that for the XBOX 360 you actually have to pay to get Netflix on your machine and only THEN you can watch movies on it?

    If so, damn.

    • Morfolk

      Yes, you have to pay Microsoft first.

    • paintrain

      Nah you dont have to pay for the app but you have to pay for the service.
      Source i have both consoles.

      • Taizun

        You have to pay for the Gold-service, to get access to the Netflix-app.

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  • Element Omega

    Re-quoted for awesome:
    “You will need it to enjoy online multiplayer.
    This will also depend on the judgement by the publishers, and there will be some free to play titles that you’ll be able to play without needing a PS Plus subscription, like PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online.” – SONY IS GOD

  • spydah

    ps+ is good free games.. u do have to be a ps+ member to keep playing these free games.. if u dont want to be ps+ member and want to keep those games.. go fking buy them then

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  • PS4 peep

    But this is all well and good makeing us pay to play online I have no issues with this but i think that they should do a PlayStation Plus basic which only allows users just to play online for a quid a month as not everyone will want all these features.

  • Pingback: New PS+ PS4 Online Requirement Info: Asynchronous Online Gameplay, F2P …maxiherna.eu | maxiherna.eu()

  • FlerpHerp

    Clearly define “asynchronous online gameplay”. Alternatively, give a list of games that would fit under the umbrella and those that won’t. I genuinely would not mind paying for dedicated servers for MMOs and the like. But, when you’re using my hardware, my electricity, and my internet connection to host your peer-to-peer games, you won’t be charging me for the right to do so.

  • Giulianosse

    Sony is God. Sony is life. All praise Sony

  • Joey

    You gotta LOVE Sony right now. I am pleased with their behavior and treatment of gamers and I am rooting for them as a company and a brand.

  • Johan Brons

    Fair enough. In my opinion PS Plus is so much better than Xbox Live because I’d rather have free games than cross-game chat. Now that PS Plus will also make online multiplayer even better I’m all for it.

    • Dan

      With the PS4 you’ll get Both…………win win

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  • Mickey_Done

    I have no problem with giving Sony my money to make to good service better. I’m rather fond of Sony and their products. I’m not a fanboy. I pick what I feel to be the best product whivh just so happens b to be Sony most of the time.

  • Jan

    Im fine with it because it is cheaper than Xbox live gold, and playstation plus gives members discounts and free things including games, something that Xbox gold doesn’t do. Playstation plus actually saves you money. I enjoy having ps+.

  • WellWisher

    Hey, at least they apologised and are giving out free games. I’ll stick with current gen and PC for now though and see how things pan out.

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  • XAzNativeX

    As a former Xbox fan I’ve always had to pay a subscriptions and this is less than the Xbox’s so I ain’t even mad.

  • Pegasus

    Ok I feel this needs to be said because yet again the gaming community is shouting out the crap it’s heard someone else say instead of actually researching it for themselves. I’m talking to the likes of you jaffman…
    MS is NOT disrespecting the consumers at all so you can retract that comment… What Microsoft intended with all the DRM stipulations was to create a more secure system and to combat piracy which would ultimately lead to cheaper games for… THE CONSUMER… So you see.. You are kind of doing them dirty with that statement.. Having said that… Even though this is the direction gaming IS going and will probably be a definite across all future generations of console.. The DRM and used games policies are something that is a bit before its time. They didnt explain it properly and even though it would benefit us.. The consumers.. People just aren’t ready for it yet sadly =/
    The mob have chosen the PS4 and that’s probably where I will go too simply because its where my friends will be… BUT… I don’t plan on rushing it by any means… I will definitely give both consoles a few months before making a final decision. Favour stacks with the PS4 because its mob favourite. Still I would like to see if these MS DRM policies actually deliver on their method and we see the same games appearing cheaper on XB1. Only time will tell.
    Also to the comment below about Xbox… Squeakers… You realise that they are coming to PS4 right?
    Sony played this one pretty well but to be fair they are gaining by delaying progress.. The fact of the matter is both consoles have similar capabilities.. It’s just that the PS4 simplified its policies and that is what people want for now.

  • Yannick Van Broeck

    I don’t mind paying a small fee for Playstation+ to play online, they have awesome deals in return.

    Money well spent

  • Serhend Adil Sirkecioglu

    wow the Wii U is a sweeter and sweeter deal without all these fees. I’m getting all the games i want this year(Watchdogs) and next year(Smash Bros.) and I have free online multiplayer and can no problems with used games. i already got a bunch of uber cheap games via virtual consoles special promo and I have a summer of games worth playing so PS4-nuts have fun playing Wack and Xbones…sux to be you lol.

  • I’m still uneasy about this, but I’m confident that not all games will require an online subscription.

  • :'(

    What is the point of buying a PS4 when its the same as Xbox One..Thanks Sony :'(

  • Don

    I honestly don’t care about this because PS4 got good singleplayer games anyways(as far as to me).

  • Nixian

    If they do this, a lot of people won’t buy this system since of the fact, Sony will charge money for online multiplayer and in a sense, become like Xbox Live for charging money for internet. So if Sony changes it like Microsoft with the Xbox One Online Requirements, they will sell more better than charging for internet. Also, they should have backwards compatibility, because I want to play my PS3 games on it!

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