E3 2013: Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Talks About the PlayStation Camera and on Why it Isn’t in the PS4’s Box

The fact that the PlayStation camera won’t be sold in the same box as the PS4 raised some questions between the playerbase, and today Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida shed some light on the reasons behind the decision as part of a wider interview on the Japanese gaming site Game Watch.

Since there are multiple possibilities opened by the PS4, there’s no need for all games to use the functions of the peripherals

Rather than forcing every user to buy the camera, I think it’s better to to allow a separate purchase just for those that will enjoy it. Selling the camera separately means that the main console can be more affordable.

He then specified that the light bar on the DualShock 4 can be used for other features even without the PlayStation Camera.

Certainly you can use the light bar on the DualShock 4 in combination with the PlayStation Camera to provide location detection, but the DualShock 4 alone can still change the color of the light for each player and it can be used in various ways. For instance it can shine when the player is taking damage. We prefer to let it spread gradually rather than making it mandatory.

When asked about features like motion control for TV operation he gave a rather interesting answer:

I believe, and this is personal opinion, that for a technology to gain universal acceptance a certain degree of maturity is required. For instance touch control has been introduced a long time ago in machines like ATMs, but it wasn’t as easy to use as in today’s smartphones and tablets.

I think natural interfaces will spread in the future, but I believe we to need identify proper uses for them first.

Finally, he mentioned that he can’t yet share any detail on possible bundles of the PS4 with the PlayStation Camera.

Personally, I can definitely say that not forcing users to pay for a device that they might not use is a very sound business decision that also goes to the customers’ advantage. I’d much rather pay less for the console without the camera, than having to pay premium for a glorified webcam when I most probably won’t use. And if Sony manages to devise some very compelling feature for it, I’ll always have the choice to purchase it separately. Giving customers the option to pay only for what they want is pretty much always a solid strategy.

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  • Eagles83

    The problem with this approach is that since it isn’t bundled in the developers can’t rely on it being there which means that less games will be programmed to take advantage of this. Microsoft learned this lesson with the 360 not having kinect or hard drives in all systems. It is just going to be another semi-worthless peripheral.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      They shouldn’t rely on it. They should offer alternative control schemes in their games instead of being able to release games with just motion control and without pure controller support.

      • Eagles83

        That is purely up to the developer. You can say the same thing about Sony in that some of their “Wii clone” wand games only worked with that peripheral and not with a controller. It is fine to have dedicated games made for a specific add on. Microsoft isn’t forcing developers to add kinect into games. They are just giving them the option. Not sure what is wrong with that.

    • Well if they made one, just ONE, game with kinect that was worth two sh-ts I would have bought kinect in a heartbeat. If you can’t produce a game without a canned audience (i.e. M$ Xbone) then you’re a sh-t developer.

      • Edonus

        People that are so harsh on kinect clearly never used it. The media poisoned you and you never recovered. Kinect wasnt perfect but it had many moments of greatness through the games it had. Like the boss battle in Rise of nightmare when you had the double Scorpion harpoons. Or Steel Battalion when you had to stand up fight with some one on the roof of your tank. Or the augmented reality games.
        And thats not even counting voice command stuff.

        If you accept that sony has basically killed your chance at innovative interaction because this is going to split the base and push devs away you are a very easy consumer to please. Just give you the same things you have always had just prettier.

        • whaaaa

          Personally, I own all 3 current gen consoles, and I do quite a bit of gaming on both my xbox and ps3. The only piece of hardware that I feel like I was wasted money on was the kinect. I have seen the negative reviews of kinect games, but I have also had my own, innumerable bad experiences with the peripheral myself. I have tried buying different games, rearranging my furniture to accommodate the sensor, calibrating and recalibrating the facial and voice recognition, and STILL I have had nothing but problems with the thing. The only game I currently own on kinect that I am happy with is fruit ninja, which was relatively inexpensive on the xbl arcade, and honestly, it is not fun enough to warrant the $150 price tag of kinect when I can play it nearly for free on my phone (and it works better). All that being said, I took a risk buying it and no one is to blame for me wasting my money but myself, however, I am very weary of being forced to buy kinect 2.0 with the next xbox because to me it just seems like a significant feature that I would rather opt out of in favour of saving money for the games I actually want to play. When you factor in the cable stuff as well (I live in Canada and don’t even have cable TV, all of those features are useless to me) I am looking at $500 for a console that I will use maybe 40-60% of the touted features.

          This is where the ps4 starts to look fantastic because I am not forced to buy a camera for 60 bucks, and it doesn’t include all of the added, in my opinion, frivolous cablebox features which no doubt add to the cost. I admit whole-heartedly that I will likely buy an xbox one at some point, but this holiday I will be gaming on my ps4 and waiting to see what happens with microsoft’s new system because at this point I can’t justify investing that much money into something I won’t be remotely utilizing to its potential. If there was the option to opt of out kinect, maybe not have to buy components for a cable tuner I will never use, and save myself some money on stuff I don’t want/need, I would be all over the xbox one. I love adopting tech early because early adopters are the people who ensure its future, but damn… I can’t just buy into blind consumerism and buy crap I know I will never use because its shiny and new and microsoft tells me I want it.

          PS. I actually think the negative feedback is a good thing for microsoft, without a mob of people telling them what they are doing wrong they don’t stand a good chance at correcting their mistakes and providing customers with an optimal experience. I for one hope they listen to the comments and adjust their projections accordingly.

      • Eagles83

        Well I have a kinect but I don’t use it as I much prefer a controller but everything you said only serves to prove my point. The kinect wasn’t a guaranteed thing that everyone would have so many developers just flat out ignored it or just added trivial things to their games. You can’t say that it is impossible to make a great kinect game until we’ve had a chance for developers to truly work with it now that they know it will be available. To say otherwise is to just be dishonest.

  • Mohammed Osman

    I love you sony

  • OVG

    OR, do I buy FFXV, The Witcher 3 and the like on the CHEAP console or on the ELITIST RICH AMERICAN FAT CAT JACK OF ALL MASTER OF None Bone.

    Mmmmmm decisions decisions.

    • Papa Derp

      But you can’t have meaningful conversations with your PS4 that’s why it’s better to buy a DRM machine powered by Skynet.

      • OVG

        Sarcasm detected 😛

    • Edonus


      the better system.

      Remember you get what you pay for. Enjoy your “cheap” system.

      • OVG

        I will as I am a gamer and the the games will look the same on each console. The same way I spent $199 for an XBOX CORE back in 2007. Bioshock and Mass Effect still looked the same on the $599 Blu-Ray player.

        I am not their demographic anymore. After 3 decades I never knew I would be so disinterested in a next gen console.

        • ohohohdiedommepaupersweer

          You’re just poor.

      • Brit Console Gamer

        And I am guessing you scoffed at the ps3 launch price?

        Go home fanboy, you’re drunk

        • Edonus

          If your job was guessing youd be out of work.

          Why would anyone scoff at the Ps3 price tag…. blu ray players at the time were going for like $1000 and the Ps3 was a better one.

          No fanboy just logical.

          Look at this Ps4 $399
          apple Tv $100
          PsEye4 $60

          You would need all of those things to equal just on a capabilities level the
          Xbox ONE $499

          Am I lying

          • Brit Console Gamer

            Agreed based on the fact that I would want apple tv or PlayStation eye. I run video from my existing laptop running vlc (no cost) through an existing vga cable and 3.5 to 3.5 cable (no cost) and don’t really buy into motion gaming peripherals (the only reason I have Kinect is cause it was free with my 2nd xb360 and only use it for child of Eden) so again, no cost for ps eye for me. So for me it is still AU$549 or AU$599 presuming I buy at launch (which I don’t do). With recent announcements I probably will buy XBone at some point, as I will with ps4 and wiiU, but to me the value lies in software and hardware performance, not all in one media centre stuff

          • Brit Console Gamer

            How does inferior processing abilities for games with regards to tech specs equate to a better system. Look at both on paper. Not only does the XBone have inferior ddr3 ram compared to gddr5 ram causing performance loss its convoluted os uses 3gb of it. Granted this won’t be noticeable at launch but unless ms manage to streamline the os later in life it will struggle.

      • OVG

        All my fellow XBOTS in South Africa and Africa just got

        • dirkradke

          While I don’t necessarily agree with you. I do find the picture very FUNNY. 🙂

          • OVG

            It only works in 21 countries. I am not paying double for a machine that will only play movies. Even if they do provide internet support 2 years from now, you still need a 2 gig line. We are not that advanced in Africa.

            I suppose we should be lucky that we even have electricity.

            360 Forever 🙂

  • Papa Derp

    GOOD! Not like with Cablebox where Kinect is required for the U.S. government to spy on you when your naked!

    • OVG

      But will it crash considering it has to now register 5 limbs 😛

      • OVG

        Or six in some cases.

    • dirkradke

      Why do you want the U.S. government to see you naked since you sound so excited by the possibility?

      • Bjoernsen

        Yeah. That’s some fantastic humor.

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  • Nicholas Perry


  • keysy

    KAZ , the new face of Sony is ridiculous, your team of global executives are one the ball

  • ruefrak

    I foresee two bundles. One at $499 with the camera and a year of PS+ and then one at $599 that also comes with a PSVita

  • ZMAN

    Will the ps3 camera be compatible? they already mentioned that the ps3 move would work, but the ps3 camera is kind of part of that “Move” package. Would be a plus if it did work, at least sufficient to some degree. I hate buying accessories, adds up fa$t! And I only used the camera for that card game that lasted about 1 month.

  • OVG

    Oh well, I live in South Africa and the disclaimer states that we are not part of the 21 countries that the Bone will work in when it is launched.

    Moving on… PS FOUR FOR THE WIN.

    • ohohohdiedommepaupersweer

      Go ahead. Keep supporting a company whose strategy will ruin the AAA games industry.

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  • OVG


  • dirkradke

    I agree with the sentiment expressed in the article. However, the downside is if it was included then a developer would know if they coded for the camera everyone would be able to take advantage of it. Now they may not even try because they will not know how many people will have it.

  • ohohohdiedommepaupersweer

    Why? Because they backtracked to reduce the price and undercut MS. GameKings confirmed it. Sony had established 3 pricepoints with varying content in the package. All dev kits came with the PS Eye and the lights on the DS4’s are to be used with it.
    Sony’s hypocrisy at its finest and all the fools are still following the lies, overhype and underdeliver.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      PlayStation Camera = 60 bucks.
      PS4 = 400 Bucks


      460 < 500

      Does not compute.