Killer is Dead Gets Japanese Box Art, New Video, Sexy Bikinis Added to the Free Premium Edition

on June 13, 2013 9:56 AM

We already talked about the bonuses included in the free Japanese Premium Edition of Killer is Dead, but today Kadokawa Games announced that those were just half of the picture, and more have been added.

In addition to what was promised before, Japanese gamers will get the “Officer-san & Dynamite Cop” bikini set (that you can see portrayed above and in the gallery at the bottom of this post) and a further bonus that will be different between the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version.

PS3 gamers will receive the digital “Museum of Killer is Dead” PlayView soundtrack and visual collection, including 25 tracks and a selection of art from the game. Xbox 360 gamers will receive a physical CD including the same 25 tracks.

In addition to that we also get to see the Japanese box art of the game for both versions, including the (much sexier) one designed for the alternative jacket exclusive to the Premium Edition.

Finally, a new episode of KID TV has been released, featuring the usual trio of scantly clad cosplayers and quite a lot of gameplay footage. I’ll let you decide which part you like the most.

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