It’s Official: Lightning Got a Boob Job for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

According to Director, Motomu Toriyama one of the themes we’ll find in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be Hope’s growth as seen from Lightning’s motherly point of view. Looks like Hope isn’t the only one that has grown, though, and Lightning’s body seems to have received quite the upgrade during her self-imposed crystal stasis.

During one of the Square Enix Presents livestreams at E3 with Toriyama himself and Producer Yoshinori Kitase, the host asked if they could share Lightning’s three sizes. The answer was interesting to say the least:

According to the design team, while we cannot give specific numbers [for the three sizes], the breast size has actually changed. In Final Fantasy XIII she had a C cup, now she has a D.

(Editor’s Note:  a Japanese D cup is roughly equivalent to an American C, while a Japanese C cup is roughly equivalent to an American B)

That’s not the only thing that has changed about the previously rather chaste Lightning, probably in order to raise her popularity. She will be able to wear more than 80 different costumes, and from what we’ve seen so far, a lot of those show a generous amount of skin, have large slits (Strategically placed, considering that climbing stairs and ledges seems to be big part of the game), vertigo-worthy mini-skirts and thongs strings in sight.

Even the main outfit that has been showcased in most assets for the game is definitely sexy. Besides the form-fitting leather of the front that nicely displays the upgraded bust size, a close inspection of the screenshots show that Lightning’s back is left completely (even if tastefully, due to the scarf) naked.

ibiQyKM60lKS1PAnimated gif from NeoGaf

Further in the interview the host mentioned that he considered the Misty Wizard costume (that you can see above) very sexy. Kitase-san smiled impishly and responded:

The costume is sexy, and the victory pose will change depending on the costume. This one is particularly sexy.

Toriyama-san also mentioned that those that love to show off their own charming Lightning will have no problem doing so, thanks to the ability to customize and recolor costumes and to take screenshots and post them on the Internet.

During a previous stream dedicated to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Kitase-san also shown a costume reproducing the racial gear of FFXIV’s miqo’te (catgirl ears and tail included), that is one of the most revealing sets in the wardrobe coming with Square Enix’s new MMORPG.

Letter_Producer_Live (2)

Those that preferred the original, conservative Lightning should not fret too much, as between the eighty costumes included in the game there are also quite a few that don’t show much skin if any, like a full fledged ballroom dress, a butler tux and a male soldier outfit. That said, I can definitely see the heads of a few internet pundits explode over this as soon as they’ll catch wind of it. Personally, I don’t have a single problem with it, but your mileage may vary.

Below you can see a gallery with a few screenshots and artwork pieces showing a couple of the costumes that have already been revealed, and their revealing nature.

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  • Kamille

    Reusing bad ideas from FFX-2, Toriyama is a joke.

  • Hoovus

    “Hey you know this character that was one of the few interesting things about a terrible game because she was a strong female lead, that wasn’t overly sexualized?”
    “Uh huh?”
    “Well let’s sexualize her”

    • Freesun4

      As if her character was interesting to begin with. Squall had a personality in comparison.

      • Elusmus

        Thank you very much, thought nobody would say this.

      • Hoovus

        To be honest, she is kind of boring. But she’s not a complete stereotype and she punches Snow. You got to give her credit for that at least.

      • Billy Magada

        Hey I liked FFVIII. All the characters from XIII were bland and the game was linear.

    • Mechapanda187

      Well to be honest, this game is supposed to show her human side more than the other two anyways.

  • RovCal

    u know. its a plus for people buying the game so, why not.

  • Krysanthia

    Maybe its just me, but I don’t think japanese men grasp the concept of cup sizes, her boobs look like a b or c tops.

    • Nicholas Perry

      The Japanese bra cup size is different than the american one.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        The man has it indeed right. In a Japanese D is roughly equivalent to an American C, while a Japanese C is roughly equivalent to an American B, and since I’m at it, I’m adding it to the article to avoid confusion 😀

        • Krysanthia

          Oh wow, I had no idea.
          So pretty much just take it down a size for them, that will come in handy if I ever go to Japan, haha.
          Thanks for the tip, both of you 🙂

          • Billy Magada

            Thats actually stated in the article if you read it a little.

          • Krysanthia

            Yeah that was added after I asked.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Love all the people dissing on this based on subjectivity and not facts.

    Personally looks fine to me.

    • 3-I

      Of course it does. You’re male. You’re used to female characters being casually sexualized.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Or maybe he just doesn’t make molehills into mountains.

        • SpinyBlueLobster


        • Guest

          I see what you did there. :]

        • SpinyBlueLobster

          ……….. :]

        • SpinyBlueLobster

          Yikes…. triple-reply! :O

        • 3-I

          Or perhaps he’s so used to his own perception that he doesn’t know what mountains LOOK like.

          • Nope

            Apparently, neither do you.

          • 3-I

            Snark snark, little troll. If you’d had an argument, you’d make it, but instead you’re sniping at a two-month-old post from an anonymous account.

            Please do feel free to explain to me why you think I’m wrong.

        • Levi Elwood Myers

          seriously, the whole interview was extremely lighthearted. It’s sad to see how westerners instantly take offense and make something so small into a serious issue… surely there are more important things to do than getting offended over something so small in a video game.

  • TheDocMontalban

    Toriyama’s Moe Fantasy Barbie Adventure: Final Fantasy 13

  • Orlɛanž

    Still won’t buy it. You can give her size DD, with booty cheeks lapping over and I’ll still look down on it. Stop this. Focus on FF15. That’s all I care about.

    • Proeliator

      what are you doing here then?

  • m r

    I don’t like how girly they made all these games or how boobs are such a big issue over the actual story and content of the game. Thats why I don’t play these games anymore.They’re terrible games that focus on stupid bullshit. The last final fantasy I played was FFXII on the PS2. Good riddance.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Lol “terrible games”.

      Leave it to the internet to throw hyperbole everywhere.

    • Kenneth Richardson

      Final Fantasy XII ♪♫

    • Anon

      > “Terrible game”
      > Hasn’t played XIII

  • Mercedes

    I just see this a “bonus” game and not to be taken very seriously. The gameplay was horrible for XIII, but I did love the fact that there was finally a badass female lead so… An add-on game dedicated to Lightning with a multitude of outfits to put her in… I think Square Enix has hacked my brain. I might actually geek it out next year at comicon and wear a costume. Now if only I could change my bust size as easily.

    • shooter_mcgavin

      The problem is not Lightning is a badass female lead. The problem is
      Square-Enix idea of badass of is misguided. We have seen this before
      with Squall and other FFXIII characters like Snow. Square’s definition
      of badass is all superficial and how a 10 year old kid would see it
      (make them look cool, exaggerated body language, 1000 moves etc).

      FFXIII had a lead like Ashe in FFXII or Aya Brea in PSone’s Parasite Eve. That would be a different story.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Or maybe it’s just their definition, that is no less or more valid than your personal definition.

        • shooter_mcgavin

          It’s more effectively creating that character as a badass. My opinion alone is not valid but it’s no secret that Lightning is not that popular of a character from the longtime fans perspective despite Square-Enix desperate efforts in positioning her as such. No one outside Toriyama and the dwindling FF fanbase are considers Lightning as a good character.

          • Billy Magada

            She’s actually one of the lamest characters in the entire FF series. I wish they’s stop trying to do this retarded direct sequel thing. A third game for the blandest FF to date? Good job.

          • Alucard

            I think a whole continent (Japan) would say other wise. Not to mention the following of people that like it everywhere else.

          • Todd

            Dwindling? Have you played or seen any of FFXIV? The fanbase is enormous, the beta can hardly keep up with the people. It hasn’t disappeared much at all, it’s just less talked about with so many other western rpgs nowadays

  • John

    more yelling about FFXIII. Jesus, don’t like it, don’t play it. I thought XIII and XIII-2 were terrific.

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  • Adam Block

    Or maybe none of you have seen Soul Caliber or Dead or Alive recently. Watch some of that and please tell me how sexualized Lightening looks in this game. Hell if you don’t want to look at it there’s plenty of other costumes he said even =

  • thecloudsarepretty

    I don’t see Lightning as being a sexual type of person, so it bothers me that she is sexualized in this way because it goes against her character. Also, it was really nice to see an attractive woman without the stereotypical super hero body with size D boobs. She was petite in the first ffxiii and it added to her charm.