Naoki Yoshida: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Will 100% Launch on August the 27th, 1.5 Million Players in Beta

While Square Enix already announced a launch date of August the 27th for Final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, there have been quite a few questions from the press and from the fans on what would happen if some serious problem or catastrophic bug surfaced during the latest phases of the beta. Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida has always been rather conservative when asked that kind of question, saying that the possibility of delaying the launch in that case was indeed on the menu.

Today the Japanese website 4Gamer published a new interview in which he seems a lot more confident about the set release date. Here’s what he said as the interview’s closing line.

I believe that I’m fortunate to have my staff and that Square Enix is amazing after all. I hope that this MMORPG will be judged worthy of its Final Fantasy themes, and I think that the launch date will 100% be August the 27th.

During the interview Yoshida-san also stated that 1.5 million accounts have been invited to the third phase of the beta between the PC and PS3 versions, including old players from the first version of Final Fantasy XIV and new ones that joined for the new game. That’s quite an impressive number considering the disastrous launch of the original game.

As a last interesting tidbit, while talking about the costume crossover with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII he shared his view on a philosophy shift for the company.

I think Square Enix is changing. Before when people talked about Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, they naturally added the “online” part at the end. It was like they weren’t really part of the series. But now we’re more united, like it was long ago. We’re going to make it together!

Personally, having played the beta during the weekend, I can definitely say his confidence is not misplaced. The game has come a long way since the botched release in 2010 and is now ready for prime time. I won’t spoil my upcoming hands-on preview by saying too much, but things are looking bright. In the meanwhile you can check out the 676 screenshots from the beta I posted yesterday. You know you want to.

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  • Long live FFXIV! The game is amazing!

  • Darrgoth

    Aye, I am truly in love with this game and with this to take me into 2014 and the PS4 on the way I have not been this excited about gaming in general for a long long time.

    • ChadAwkerman

      I have to agree. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been this excited about an MMO.

    • Eagleeye595 .

      You and me both i am very excited about the fact that they will be using that new supersexy engine we saw at E3 to make 14!!! i mean OMG Kupoo! it will make the PC version look like a Ps3 hahaha.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Will be playing on PC and PS4.

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a live letter from the producer from e3? I think I may have missed that.

  • DarkSpartan

    It was nice to get home to Ul’dah again. Now all Yoshida-sama needs to do is get with the program and take my money.

  • PendragonXIV

    FFXIV ARR is nothing short of amazing of the small time i got to play beta at weekend, i was nothing short of amazed, ps3 has really good optimization, graphics and music are all amazing just walking through gridinia makles me wanna be there. full support for Yoshi P and this game he really has turned this around!

  • Eagleeye595 .

    I also got in to the beta and although i sadly can’t share details which pisses me the f**k of i can say with certainty this game is going to replace all the other generic MMO’s i have been playing while waiting for this gem to shine again. I loved the beta and to me it did not feel like a beta at all besides a few hiccups on servers for the first hour or so the game stayed on as promised without any problems whatsoever! the only people that dealt with problems were those who only joined to play the game and completely ignored the forums.And having been part of the fanbase who helped make this dream come true by supporting enix while they needed it the most (through 1.0) i am very happy to know that they kept their promise, Square Enix has once again earned my respect and support… come release day i am subscribing for a full year if the option is there simply because i unlike many others who don’t even know anything about the game, got to see it first hand and i know that it will be my MMO for another decade like FFXI was.

  • Luke Skyscraper

    i like this game, but its not a free to pplay, so frustrated to know that

    • ChucklesAE

      You should look up an article Yoshida did an interview in where he explains why a subscription is what MMOs need, not F2P. Basically everything he says in the interview is true.

  • ChucklesAE

    I do have to say. I’m really respecting Yoshid’s understanding of the MMO genre (at least as a market) and the changes made to FFXIV:ARR area complete 180 from the original game.

    I was really kind of awestruck in performance, graphics, everything. Hard to believe ARR came from v1.0

  • bob

    hi guys so question got is do I get a ps3 and trade in my 360 for the ps3 as getting a ps4 want final fantasy for it but got wait to 2014 for it arrrrrrrr lol what should I do please help guys