Final Fantasy XV Director Tetsuya Nomura Impressed by Titanfall, Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, Metal Gear Solid V

Legendary Director Tetsuya Nomura Inpressed many at E3 with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III, but what games impressed Tetsuya Nomura himself? Quite a few, as he said during an interview for the Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online. Interestingly, none of the titles he mentioned was a RPG:

There were titles I think were impressive: Titanfall, Watch_Dogs and Battlefield 4. Shooter type games tend to be very similar in most cases but these titles have very strong personalities, so to speak.

Even though there’s nothing to compare it to, the hacking system in Watch_Dogs could really be top notch and unique, while the robot warfare in Titanfall looks pretty amazing. Things change a lot when you step out of the robot. It also has a great sense of realism when you fight on the robot itself.

As for Battlefield 4, when I played Battlefield 3 I thought the graphics were beautiful, but  this time the visuals are much better. Also I was surprised to learn that it’s possible to play with up to 64 people.

There’s also Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The graphics are beautiful — It’s a Metal Gear game, after all — and the expressions are amazing. It’s impressive that it’s made by a Japanese developer.

If you’re surprised about the JRPG legend Nomura-san mentioning a bunch of shooters, you probably shouldn’t be. In the past he went on record several times stating his appreciation for first and third person shooter games, mentioning that he tried to implement shooter-like mechanics in Kingdom Hearts games. Some of what we’ve seen of Final Fantrasy XV also resembles cover-based shooters.

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  • Stealth

    no wonder he sucks

    • Yeah,no

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      yeah because liking some extremely popular and objectively extremely interesting games mean that he sucks 😀

      What about no?

      • Stealth

        popular? yes. Something AN RPG COMPANY should be looking at? no

        • SEFTW

          SE is no longer just an RPG company. they are publishing big titles like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex…I’m glad they can see games that look as if they will succeed and say, wow this is good.

          what amazed me was when he said “It’s impressive that it’s made by a Japanese developer.” That is a shocking admission of the state of the gaming world today.

          • Stealth

            unfortunately your right, which is why they havent made money in years.

            Eh, that quote doesnt mean much

        • vakarian75

          This is like saying someone who makes Romance or Comedy movies shouldn’t watch Sci-Fi or Horror movies.Were not the only ones who like video games.

    • B_Boss

      You sir…….were born yesterday.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    “The graphics are beautiful — It’s a Metal Gear game, after all — and the expressions are amazing. It’s impressive that it’s made by a Japanese developer.”

    A bit concerned about that last part. I find it really interesting that a stunning game from a Japanese dev is especially impressive to Nomura, considering Square is responsible for – in my opinion – some of the most beautiful titles in gaming, and they’re Japanese. I wonder if he’d be up to further explain what he meant here…there seems to be a harsh implication somewhere in there. Maybe I’m just over-thinking it, lol.

  • PBK

    what up playas

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Can’t wait for all these games! Want next-gen already!