Hideo Kojima Surprised by PS4’s “Cheap” Price, Talks About Comparison with Xbox One and Cameras

Many gamers around the world were surprised by the price point of the PS4. Looks like Hideo Kojima was taken by surprise as well by Sony’s unveiling, as he stated in an interview on the Japanese gaming website Game Watch about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The PS4 is cheaper than I thought.

He went more in depth on the issue as part of a separate interview on 4Gamer, in which he also talked about the difference in power between the two consoles.

The difference is small, and I don’t really need to worry about it. When you come right down to it, the PS4 is cheap (laughs). Though, I wonder about the inclusion of the camera…

When asked about what he thought of the camera-related feature he gave his vision for the future.

Considering that the camera is so widespread in smartphones and tablets, I think it’ll build up to be the norm.

While it’s hard not to agree on the price of the PS4, I do wonder if camera-based gameplay will really become the norm (Kojima isn’t new to rather farfetched predictions, like the one about the disappearance of home consoles). How do you feel about it?


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  • mike

    The difference is small…only if you want it to be. Optimize your stuff, you should get 50% more power, from the ps4.50% is a lot. Imagine your d*ck, ex, 4″, with 50% more, it’s 6″. Is it still a small difference, 50% ? 🙂 no…
    Dumb analogy, but 1.2 and 1.8 Tflops, if you can’t manage to use that incredible extra power, then, your engine isn’t optimized. Or did you get a slice of the billion $ microsoft spent on Xbox one games, and you will be forced to make both versions look the same?

    • Kreator

      C’mon Son!

    • madzack

      Why should we take your word over Kojima?

      • ALKi1234

        Coz kojima needs to make money to survive.They where once like Naughty Dog,the top dogs.ND gonna rape Kojima productions next gen!Edit: i just finished The Last Of us last night and i rest my case!

        • KUNA

          So true, the last good Kojima game I played was mgs 3, Kojima ego it’s over the roof yet his games keep sucking and sucking more, Kojima it’s just hype and name dropping. ND just delivers and only gets better game after game.

          • Hildebrand

            heard it here first, MGS5 = Open world, social interactions online in SP, DRM, COD/BF play style (MGO same as the the two with MGS lore) oh and since Kojima is in love with Kinect and motion crap, expect that to be implemented as well.

            I use to love Kojima but the guy is selling out. Could have went multi plat with same kind of game in the series, was no need to change it.

            I have to agree MGS3 was the last best work of his, Not saying MGS4 was bad or anything.

          • hesoyamdonMonster

            In konami there is just one Kojima but in ND, 100s of Kojima. This gen Kojima only brought us one game !!! where ND got us 4 masterpieces !! anyways MGS4 is and always one of the greatest ps3 game ever made. Infact i got the ps3 to just play MGS4

          • Blo0dm0n3y

            4 masterpieces my ***, only good ones were Uncharted 1 and Last of Us.

          • buddynugget

            They are the reason ill be getting a PS4 along with my XB1 that and a few other good exclusives that i know will eventually come. At launch though XB1 exclusives latched onto me absolutely love them.

        • Nick Petrovas

          So know Kojima needs money to survive?What happened to your gaming developer god?Are you that butthurt Sony fanboys?

          • Leo Garcia

            naughty dog is the new dev god in the video game industry (console at least) they awards,sells kk time nominations talks alone

          • slumdog hundredaire

            Yep they are…. They are not happy until EVERY aspect of the X-1 is demonized. Some chap actually was selling the idea that the PS4 controller was much better than the X-1’s.

          • ALKi1234

            I was just sugar coating the fact that there was a time where it was about quality over quantity with Kojima.That he’s product would sell itself,but know it’s about the money. I’m a huge MGS fan don’t get me wrong. but lets not be in denial about it.

      • mike

        Because final specs are known,and whether we like them or not, so far the ps4 has 50% more raw power than the Xbox one.
        If 2 teams, at kojima, started adapting their engine and optimizing it in a way it would use every single Hertz of the apu, at the end, when both versions are almost finished, they should be able to say ‘hey, we still have 50% processing power left on the ps4, let’s use it to reduce the pictures compression, let’s use bigger and crispier textures, let’s add more grass, a living sky with moving clouds, let’s add more fog/smoke/fire/rain/snow/sand particles, let’s add much more trees, with hi-res leaves, let’s increase the polygons for the main characters, let’s add more birds, animals, let’s use wind effects, let’s make AI more intelligent, let’s increase the frame rate, let’s apply some anti-aliasing processing, so everything looks absolutely sharp, with no rough edges, let’s increase everything’.
        This is what i believe kojima could do,with the extra power.

        Microsoft paying cheques for getting exclusive stuff, everybody knows it. The 50 million $ they paid rockstar, for exclusive gta4 content, we all know it.
        That’s why I won’t be surprised if the just take half a billion $, and, for each AAA multiplatform game, they just throw away 50 millions and ask developers ‘ hey guys, we want the Xbox one version to look 100% identical to the ps4 version.do whatever you need, both versions should look the same, even if the ps4 version could look better’.

        Why would kojima say NO to 50 million $ going right into their pockets?

        With the x360, microsoft barely had no 1st party studios, all they did was paying tons of $, for securing exclusive content, dlcs, etc, on big games like gta4, call of duty, etc etc. While Sony was buying studios, and making tons of exclusive AAA games, all microsoft had to do was signing cheques and giving them to publishers/studios.

        It won’t be different with the Xbox one. Why spending 200-300 million or more, buying new studios and IPS, so Xbox ones leave the shelves, when all you have to do is using those 300 millions on partnerships , for extra content, time exclusive dlcs, or making the two versions look the same? This is microsoft, let’s not forget it.

        Fortunately, studios like guerrilla games and naughty dog will max out the ps4, and will show the world what it is possible to achieve,when we have 50% more power to work with. I’m at 47% on The last of us, right now, it’s just incredible how the game plays and looks. I don’t dare imagining what they will able to do, with a system +10 times more powerful than the ps3. It will be insane.

        So yeah, games like mgs5 won’t use the extra power of the ps4, for sure. Money can buy everything, including people. When it’s about millions, people are even OK to sell their mother. And I would bet everything I have kojima will be one of the many many guys who will get big money from microsoft, to make both versions look the same.
        Disagree as much as possible, but it’s just the way microsoft works. Always.

        • BrightBart

          Actually, the final specs are not known. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid though.

        • Tom

          50 percent is just silly, 15 or 20 percent might be right…..

          • Danta

            Hi am new and just trying to help. I was like you thought it was silly to. Lucky i was good in maths school. lol. No it’s not silly. xbox one has 1.2 tflops, PS4 is 1.8 tflops. Put these in a formula. Do the maths. 1.8/1.2×100=150 percent that 50 percent more. Take the gpu cu core still will be the same. xbox one 12 cu and ps4 18 cu. 18/12 x100 = 150 percent. Take all spec and use that formula. This is not a made up formula i learn it at school. you can check how to calculate percentage if you don’t believe me. ps4spec/xbox spec x 100= if it equal 100 percent mean it equal. both the same if you get a value 100 percent. Eg ram ps4 ram and xbox ram. 8/8 x 100= 100. Meaning they are equivalent in quantities. But in games performance. ps4 use 7 gb ram in games and xbox use 5 gb ram in games. so that 7/5 x 100 = 140. Ps4 has 40 percent more the xbox one. Notes the ram in ps4 is gddr5 in ps4 and in xbox one is dd3. gddr5 boost graphic by 40 percent. You could google it. If you 512mb ram of gddr5 and 1024mb dd3. The 512mb ram of gddr5 beat the 1024 ram of dd3 (not 512 mb but 1024 mb). Still the 512mb gddr5 beat the 1024mb ddr3 by 20 percent. it boost 20 percent of the graphic performance. Gddr5 is made with graphic in mine. That what the g stand in front of “g”ddr5. So ps4 beat it in term of quantity by 40 percent and plus the 40 percent boost graphic. Anyway take all other spec and put it in those area. ps4spec/xbox spec x 100= if it equal 100 percent mean it equal. They the same architecture. Mean you can compare directly with the spec numbers. But notes ps4 have done loads of little tweak to architecture adding another bus bandwidth and L2 cache. It’s called a super charge pc for a reason. Look at it this way it’s Ps4 is more than 50 percent more than xbox one. I really understand why they say Ps4 crushes xbox one. Cause it does crush xbox one. Spec dont lie. This is not like ps3 and xbox one. where ps3 was powerful on paper but to complex to develop. Slightly more powerful at that time. But now it crushes xbox one. Ps4 is easy to develop now.

        • no

          Actually it is known that the Xbox One uses a GPU similar to Radeon HD 7790 while the PS4 uses one similar to 7870. That’s a pretty huge difference in power for consoles if Microsoft actually expects XB1 games to look as good as PS4.

          • tlcdlite

            Actually it is not, all devs say “when we get final specs” we will know more..

        • tlcdlite

          Same old crap again like last time “ps3has more power than Xbox 360 and what happened?

          • thejigisup

            I’m wondering what it is that you are trying to point out by saying this. I could tell you what happened, or i could tell you to check some numbers out and look for yourself, as i see it, xb360 is kinda falling short right about now.

          • tlcdlite

            True, but when it came to the ps3 being more powerful it didn’t live up to the hype did it?

          • Dakan45

            Ofcourse TEH POWER OF DA CORE in 2007, or in E3 2005 lying about phyiscs and how games really look based on bullshots. Or need i mention the ps2 reallistic hair tech demos?

            Sony=make believe and thepauperstation fanboys believe it.

      • Daryl Victoriano

        Because it’s been confirmed by MIT Tech heads at Digitial Foundry

      • Russell Gorall

        Because Kojima is reading a PR statement.

      • buddynugget

        ok if you did the simple math and rounded up you get that 50% bullshit. There are a lot more factors to consider when talking about graphics. In all reality its more like 30% but than you have to add in the eSRAM (it matters!) and the offloading game assets to the cloud. Than we have to add in this new rumor that the PS4 OS takes up 2 gb of memory and not one that only gives it a 1gb lead over xbox one. Of course its just a rumor. As are these teraflop counts. All anyone did was compare the two consoles GPUs to PC graphics cards and used their specs to tell the difference (of course Sony said 1.8 teraflops What did Microsoft say?) Not that cut and dry. No benchmarks = stop speculating. PS4 exclusives will have a little bit better graphics than XB1s exclusives at launch further into the generation youll start to see the offloading of assets to the cloud and finalised (and optimized) dev kits and there wont be a bit of difference and if there is i wont be surprised to find out that xb1s graphics get better but atm i hold my breath cause i dont see graphics being that different between the two.

    • Edonus

      The problem with the analysis that you reference is they did not take in to account the eSram of the ONE and the current power of the Cloud.
      From what we saw at E3 the ONE had a more impressive performance. Sony has something to prove. I’m not just going to rollover and give them props for something do to a skewed review of system parts.

      • WhoMeNoYou

        “POWER OF THE CLOUD” you keep on believing that…..

        • Edonus

          Do you actually know and understand what cloud computing is. There is nothing to believe, we have been using it for years now. MS is just making a console based around it and to be specific their Azure network.
          Its really not magic and sorcery its quite simple. The question isnt is the cloud real the question is how much power processing power can they pull from it right now with todays internet infrastructure.

          • WhoMeNoYou

            Listen I know what cloud computing is, but in Microsoft case is just an excuse to keep the system connected and for DRM purposes. I’m not hating on it I pre-orderd both the PS4 with Killzone bundle, and a Xbox One Day One. Go and search for what developer are saying about the Cloud Computing for the Xbox One and you’ll see, Microsoft internal Studios say one thing but 3rd party says another. Even Sony says there system is doing cloud computing but they are just not pushing it. As far as cloud computing goes it’s just better Match Making for Multiplayer.

          • Edonus

            See if you know what it is it doesnt matter what they say because I know what it is. You could also go and listen to the 1st party devs that are actually using it in their games or just the devs that have made games using. Turn 10 for Forza 5 and Respawn with Titanfall come to mid really quick they had some good interviews explaining how they are using it.
            Like i said the question is not if it real the question is how much of it can you tap in to right now? They may not be able to answer that either being so early in console development.

            And Ps4 can do cloud computing but they do not have the network set up to be able to use it like MS right now. It would take 2-3 years at least to even get it to anything that even looks close to MS network.

          • WhoMeNoYou

            but you know nothing about Microsofts network and for how long they’ve been setting it up and how much of it is actually up and running, as far as I know it’s just going to be a glorified system for better Multiplayer. Sony did say that they can do this now and they talked about it in an interview, they said that with Gaikai they will not only be able to use it to give backwards compatibility for PS3 games but that it can also be use for cloud processing or computing which could make for better smarter games and better Multiplayer. What I’m saying is that for now it’s all rubbish maybe in a few more years. If Microsoft didn’t even have real Dev-Kits at E3 when the Xbox One is supose to be out in just a few short months what makes you think they have a full Cloud computing network running, They are using computer with GTX video cards that are worth more then a PS4 and an Xbox One put together.

        • slumdog hundredaire

          But you don’t want to believe Hideo Kojima….?!

      • Lostbytes

        Unfortunately, All XBONE games were running on Windows 7 HP PCs w/ nvidia GFX cards.(http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Xbox-One-Games-E3-Were-Running-Windows-7-With-Nvidia-GTX-Cards-56737.html) So, your statement is inaccurate.

        • Edonus

          Ryse (the best looking game at E3) was running on a XBOX ONE. either final or at least dev kits.
          And it was also debunked, they said the devs of Lococycle didnt have time to port their game over to the dev kits like the rest of the games and they did run it off a win7 computer.
          This is why you cant get information from the internet. It turn into an echo chamber and the story people want to believe takes precedent over what is actually real.

          • Lostbytes

            Show me the proof….. (link?) Also, Ryse? as the best looking game at E3 thats just a opinion!(Way to many Quick time instances, also the game looks VERY linear.Plus is a remake….) I hate to say it, but in my opinion Spark or Titanfall Or Watch Dogs looks like the best to me……

          • Dakan45

            Also the lighting in ryse was basicly a trick to make people who dont know alot of lighting and graphics to think it looked reallistic, rather good lighting.

          • Edonus

            Heres your link of people on the show floor playing X1s. Scroll down youll see them.


            You are clearly poisoned by the fanboy bug. Every one that played the game says it plays like Batman Arkum City… interactive movie HA. That just what you fanboys have to tell yourself. The QTEs arent really QTEs because they are all dynamic they are just prompts for bonuses in combat. They are not required in any way.

            All the games you mentioned looked stellarbut none of them match RYSE in pure graphics. The textures the light effects the draw distances cloth effects skin and the camera blur to the things set of in the background I could go on and on nothing at E3 had that level of fidelity.

          • Dakan45

            Best looking? Not really, more like BELIEVING its best looking, the lighting you see in RYSE was pretty much a cheaper version of crysis 2007 lighting and not as photoreallistic as you think it was. Also it was an interactive movie rather a game, so it didnt take alot of perfomance.

          • Edonus

            I have seen the game played by several different people. Calling it an interactive movie is you pulling some made up $h!t out your @ss. You prove that you know not a damn thing and is just running around playing sony shill.

        • tlcdlite

          I guess ps4 has hardware problems, if the demo of assassins creed 4 is any indication like totally crashing on stage while running on your 50% more powerful ps4!!! Give me a break!! Dev kit too….

          • mike

            What is better for you?

            Watching real time footage, running on actual ps4 dev kits, with an alpha code that can make the game freeze during a few seconds, 6 months before release, but at least, what you see is LESS good than the final game,since they still have 6 months to polish, optimize the SDK code, the engine code AND the game code, OR

            You prefer watching fantastic gameplay footage from games adapted to run on ultra high-end computers with high-end graphic cards, on windows 7, like microsoft did, and the day you spend your 60 bucks on that game, you realize that the game graphics don’t look anything close, compared to E3 footage, and microsoft fooled you.

            Honestly, I prefer the first option. Because I know the final product will AT LEAST look as good as what I’ve seen, and not the opposite.

          • Dakan45

            Guess what mike? games have been runining on high end pcs on the last 3 E3’S and you moron just reallized it.

            Freaking consoletards.

          • UE

            ??? That isnt the point you are just going off on a tangent and making yourself look stupid.

            I am a PC gamer and that 90% of these comments are dumb as they are,,, just wow. internet you are getting worse.

          • Dakan45

            Mike is a huge consoletard. The crap that have come out of his mouth are riddiculus.

            I proved him wrong twice and he continues with his inane BS and been a clueless brainwashed moron.

          • UE

            Because Ass creed isn’t finished yet and devkits are devkits… there is a huge difference between running a non finished game on a dev kit and running a heap of non finished games on windows 7 computers with $1000 graphics cards in them.

        • Emily the Strange

          ehmm it was ONLY lococycle game and it was a pure dev decision. of course you dont know crap, so I don’t expect you to understand. but lococycle E3 demo, was simply a GAME demo, not a xbox one demo. they just wanted you to see the game, and test it. they weren’t selling you the xbox one.


          I advice you to educate yourself before posting idiotic stuff that has proven been wrong. most games run in devkits anyway, of course this lococycle win7 desktop was pure dev decision. others of course ran in Xbox one. so stop posting before researching a little and believing everything you see in internet before proving its true or wrong. and in this case, that’s just a stupid story. since it was just ONE game, (not all like you said) and other devs used actual xbox one and others devkit.

          • WhoMeNoYou

            There is a story with Battlefield 4 and Dead Rising 3, along with a couple of journalists noting that some games were crashing to a Windows 7 OS desktop as noted in the Digital Foundry article

    • slumdog hundredaire

      Now you know more about the tech than Kojima………

      • PSfanboy4LIFE

        Paupers always do this. It’s an inferiority complex.

    • tlcdlite

      There is a little something called ESRAM look it up, it made a big difference last gen, and with more this gen, mmmmmmmmmm

  • KUNA

    The problem with Kojima pro started with mgs4, from that game onwards they understood that overhyping technical nonsense actually sells the game. MGS4 was atrocious yet pretentious. It had the worst writing I have seen. The gameplay was so short and tedious. I haven’t bought a Kojima game since mgs4, I bought it used and resold it, simply not worth the money, and those tedious installs, Jesus.

    • Farron

      I love your comment, sounds like something that was copy/pasted.
      You’ve obviously never played MGS4 and has Kojima even made a game after that?
      Shows how much you know, lol.
      FYI, MGSV was easily the best game shown at E3.

      • Daryl Victoriano

        That’s just your opinion, mine was FFXV, Witcher 3 and Infamous SS. An yes MGS4 was extremely cheesy and over dramatic, But that’s a lot of Japanese games, anime, drama… part of their culture I guess

      • KUNA

        Of course, you are an idiot

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I feel eventually games will include camera and gesture-based controls as optional input methods, but may never actually be integral to any experience given that too many gamers still use traditional controls to play games, and may not see most games use it as an integral input method for at least another 20 years unless some genius comes along and turns the concept on its head, since the industry needs something new anyway.

    • True Gamer

      Was there a big difference between the Xbox and PS2?

      Think about that, for those that say no there was a little difference between PS2/Xbox, you would agree with Kojima who said in 2002 the same thing.

      The OG Xbox and PS2 Quote: “Ahhh, the Xbox, the graphics are probably a little better, but the
      systems are pretty much the same, the Xbox and the PS2. They’re not that
      different. If I spent a lot of time creating a game specific for the
      Xbox, I could come up with something great. But I feel that they are
      basically the same, you know, memory wise, etc.”


      Kojima feels the Xbox One and PS4 differences are small. That’s how he feels, and judging from the past, he felt the same regarding the Xbox and PS2 differences.

      There you have it…if you believe the Xbox vs. PS2 differences were larger, then you may feel the same about the Xbox One and PS4.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Let’s let the games decide that: once I get my hands on both those consoles, then I’ll know how close the next-gen experiences are and what subtle differences set them apart. I’d say the only difference apparent right now is their architecture and stuff, but whatever differences remain to be discovered probably won’t be seen until at least a couple years into the next-gen life cycle. I actually think that now that PS4 and X1 both have PC-esque architecture, they will have very small differences; with of course the obvious differences being, like I said the deep experience of the games, and how integral their features are into their games. But no matter how different they are, it always comes down to the games. As long as an idea stands out to me or improves me gaming experience, I’ll use it. But I guess since technology is continuously progressing, the camera may actually catch on soon and be much more implemented. Also, referring back to Kojima, I believe what he meant was it’s all about how the systems’ features are used leaving little difference between the actual consoles themselves, with the only difference being games, so I do see your point, but also find that it still may take awhile for Kinect and PS4’s eye camera to take some time only cuz stuff such as 4k TV, 4K 3d, or even 4K streaming of video which will take hundreds of GBs even on a Bluray disc will take a long while only cuz the technology we have currently won’t support it efficiently and the world is always slow to catch on, as witnessed this gen when 1080p was just introduced in the mid to late 2000s. I think if more people were open to new ideas, this wouldn’t be a big concern but also if those ideas were made more affordable financially to the public, more innovation would occur faster, hence one of the reasons why Nintendo opted to remain SD for the Wii instead of going HD like PS3 and 360 and PC. Next thing you know, when 4k or Ultra HD comes into play, that will be our HD while 1080p becomes the new SD and today’s SD is just plain stone age, huh?

  • bc

    Show me some nice touch with the camera, and I’ll buy what you are saying.

  • moosefuse

    the japanese are back stabbers. i remember when Hideo Kojima said that any game he develops its PS exclusive look where its all now but even though gamers who knew Kojima wouldn’t stand for anything less then perfect knows witch console that give better bang for the buck.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I doubt working on multiple consoles can be really defined “backstabbing”. It’s normally called “business”.

  • vickybat

    Kojima San is the man. His predictions are worthwhile and true.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You mean like when he predicted that home consoles would disappear?

  • brianc6234

    Actually there’s a big difference between the PS4 and Xbone. The GDDR5 RAM in the PS4 should make the graphics much better and faster than on the Xbone. That is if third party developers don’t decide to make them weaker to match the Xbone like they did to the PS3.

    • tlcdlite

      Like they did with the ps3? Give me break developers didn’t know how to go about coding for ps3, so they went with x360 first then to ps3, but ps3 could not handle some of the games cause of the memory on the ps3 being shared which made games slow down and bug down

  • PachterStation

    Don’t rate him, Konami or Metal Gear. Power between the 2 consoles is a wasted debate.

  • XBox Boss

    Farfetched? I definately see the Camera being the norm, all devices have one.
    And Xbox doesn’t have any camera, its got the BEST one. Add “Skype” to the mix, and it’s no contest.

  • True Gamer

    Was there a big difference between the Xbox and PS2?

    Think about that, for those that say no there was a little difference
    between PS2/Xbox, you would agree with Kojima who said in 2002 the same

    The OG Xbox and PS2 Quote: “Ahhh, the Xbox, the graphics are probably a little better, but the
    systems are pretty much the same, the Xbox and the PS2. They’re not that
    different. If I spent a lot of time creating a game specific for the
    Xbox, I could come up with something great. But I feel that they are
    basically the same, you know, memory wise, etc.”

    http://www.ign.com/articles/2002/05/22/e3-2002-the-hideo-kojima-interview (E3 2002 Hideo Kojima Interview with IGN)

    Kojima feels the Xbox One and PS4 differences are small. That’s how
    he feels, and judging from the past, he felt the same regarding the Xbox
    and PS2 differences.

    There you have it…if you believe the Xbox vs. PS2 differences were
    larger, then you may feel the same about the Xbox One and PS4.

  • chrisredfield31

    ITT: Kojima a shill for Microsoft

  • it’s a good thing it’s cheap
    but anyone seen the price of a normal next gen game? £55!

  • tensazangetsu


    the Xbox One – was supposed to be the one box to rule them all
    Sadly to to the TV, TV, TV – that they were so crazy about, you still need a cable provider box, because as they said they did not want to tie anyone to an specific provider.

    A 400 million dollar deal with the NFL, so that you can play fantasy league with Kinect2 – to each its own.

    A 500 GB propietary non interchangeable HDD – which means with a forced install of each game (current gen games can go between 9-20 GB of space) hardcore gamers will be spending a couple extra bucks on external HDD, and again beating the purpose of the One Device.

    No BACKWARDS compatibility – if they had allowed this I would understand the current 360 fanbase supporting the console, alas it is not so….

    DDR3 is a lot less powerful and fast than DDR5, and less efficient in heat generation…but microsoft has never had issue with heat on their devices

    Power of the Cloud, although a powerful tool for engineering and computations, rendering graphics in real time, in hd quality, is another beast, this is untested ground, if anyone has the money to invest in this is microsoft, however to make claims that we should not forget about the power of the cloud should be taken with a grain of salt and as a marketing ploy by the suits at Microsoft.

    DRM policies are not the best for the One, nor for the consumer…however they decide to spin it. A serious discussion needs to be happen regarding Digital Rights, and the damage that the used game market has had on developers. Although good developers have had to close their doors, it is an issue of quality vs quantity… the studios that closed shop that were producing AA or AAA titles were not the norm, and could be attributed to the sales of games like COD, which generate unusual sales, when compared to those figures almost all releases are flops